Nutrition Is Not Common Sense

Written by Marc David

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This is an important concept -- so let me break it down and explain it in detail.

Most things we learn are common sense. It's common sense not to touch a hot stove. Why? Somebody told you or you tried it and your body responded by tellingrepparttar pain receptors in your hand that it didn't like that.

You learnedrepparttar 138405 stove was hot and not fun to touch. Common sense. It didn't require any specialized knowledge.

Then it hit me...

Neither should nutrition. It doesn't require any specialized knowledge to eat correctly. But yet it's not common sense.

The reason most people get it wrong is because they were never taught!

They received a lot of information from T.V. which was promoting diets and fast food and sugar cereals.

Their parents didn't learn either so they passed that onto their children.

There's a pressure to finish everything that is put in front of you (don't be wasteful) ignoringrepparttar 138406 absence ofrepparttar 138407 hunger feeling.

The lack of sound nutrition in most schools. You learn how to read in school. You learn how to write. You learn how to solve math problems. You learn history and you learn different cultures.

I'll bet you can guess what happened next.

You never learnrepparttar 138408 definition of a complete meal.

You start by learning that right now...

A complete meal always includes a lean protein and a natural, complex carbohydrate. The best meal of all for muscle-building and fat-burning purposes contains three things:

1. Lean protein (chicken, fish, egg whites, etc) 2. Starchy carb (potato, rice, etc) 3. Fibrous carb (broccoli, green beans, salad, etc)

And that, isrepparttar 138409 biggest benefit of having a complete meal and understanding just how simple it is to create meals with these three steps.

So watch for your next issue of this mini-course, where I'll revealrepparttar 138410 single most important question about how much cardio should you do.

Yours For Continued Success

Marc David is a bodybuilder, writer, and author of the the e-book "The Beginner's Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding" (BGFB): What Every Beginner Should Know but Probably Doesn't. Please visit his site at:

Suffering From Andropause?

Written by Sherri Solomon

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Many researchers and satisfied users of new super potent herbal formulations give an enthusiastic yes to this question. There are overrepparttar counter supplements that can naturally boost testosterone levels while reducing Andropause symptoms-withoutrepparttar 138385 negative feedback associated with hormone replacement therapy. The most promising of them all is Viastat. Viastat has been clinically proven to help your body produce more of your own testosterone, instead of adding testosterone from an outside source, which can shut downrepparttar 138386 natural production of testosterone. Obviously, this can put you in worse shape after you stoprepparttar 138387 injections.

While natural testosterone boosters may not haverepparttar 138388 immediate impact of a testosterone injection they are a useful and healthy alternative that inrepparttar 138389 long run may be your answer to lowered androgen levels.

The impact of decreasing testosterone levels can be a difficult thing to accept for most men but it is a normal part ofrepparttar 138390 aging process. As with women, andropause in males begins at a time when life often offers some of its greatest rewards. So don't let it hamper you from enjoying a normal healthy and active quality of life throughout your middle years.

Sherri Solomon is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful lifestyle articles can be found at the premier health news resource

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