Nurturing Your Soul

Written by Lael Johnson

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Unburden Yourself: It's important to have support, duringrepparttar fun times as well asrepparttar 140385 tough times. A wide base of support may consist of friends, family and community resources (e.g. church, synagogue, support groups and healthcare professionals) and keeping a personal journal. There are many resources available to address difficult areas that arise while doing your work. It's important to maintain a balance when you are helping others. Make sure that you are receiving support from others on a regular basis.

Rule Yourself: Work regularly toward keeping your internal life in order. Reach out to your support system. Reach out if something is out of order, if you have a question or concern, and yes, to celebraterepparttar 140386 good times, too. If you have a particular spiritual discipline that you follow, make sure to devote some regular time to that practice as well as torepparttar 140387 community that shares that practice with you. This will energize you and help you keep your focus onrepparttar 140388 bigger picture.

Embrace Yourself: Hug yourself. Take mini-breaks and vacations. Plan for fun times for yourself and with your favorite people. Laugh. Take a humor break. Act like a child. Surprise yourself. Surprise yourself again! Keep smiling.

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Independence Forever!

Written by Mark Cole

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For Adams, this quality - what we might call stubbornness - was an important moral virtue. For him, tenacity and inflexibility were better understood as honor. "I would quarrel with every individual before I would prostitute my pen," he once wrote. "I am determined to preserve my independence, even atrepparttar expense of my ambition," he once said. It’s a good thing that he felt that way, because that is ultimately what happened.

Independence forever.

Inrepparttar 140384 war-torn decade followingrepparttar 140385 Declaration, Adams wasrepparttar 140386 top American diplomat throughout Europe. Accompanied by his son, John Quincy, John Adams pressedrepparttar 140387 cause of independence tirelessly. The Treaty of Paris, endingrepparttar 140388 American war for independence, is one of his greatest contributions torepparttar 140389 founding of America.

Lesser men would have sought peace too rapidly and failed to securerepparttar 140390 necessary guarantees of independence fromrepparttar 140391 crown. Adams proved to be a tough negotiator and shrewd diplomatic tactician right up torepparttar 140392 finish line.

Independence forever.

When he returned home, his country elected him torepparttar 140393 Vice-Presidency underrepparttar 140394 Father of America, George Washington. "My country has in its wisdom contrived for merepparttar 140395 most insignificant office that ever man contrived," was how Adams aptly described his position.

Eight years later, John Adams wonrepparttar 140396 Presidency himself, but unlike Washington before him and Jefferson after him, Adams fail to win a second term. His politically fatal defect? He stood alone too often. Though he was certainly a man ofrepparttar 140397 Federalist Party, he sought to avoid party ties and in so doing failed to maintain his allies. Simultaneously, he alienated himself fromrepparttar 140398 opposition party. He became a party of one. And he was not re-elected. (The second man in American history to claimrepparttar 140399 dubious distinction of failing to win re-election would be his son, John Quincy Adams).

Independence forever.

In their amazing and intertwined lives, Jefferson and Adams first admired each other; then they hated each other. They were originally allies, but later they became vicious enemies. Their lifetime was characterized early on by productive collaboration but then later by intense rivalry and backstabbing.

Atrepparttar 140400 low point in their relationship, it is hauntingly conceivable that Adams and Jefferson could have beenrepparttar 140401 ones to fight a duel, rather than Burr and Hamilton.

Even so, through it all, Jefferson kept a bust of Adams in his parlor at Monticello. Perhaps it was Jefferson who never gave up hope for reconciliation? After all,repparttar 140402 two giants of independence had struggled againstrepparttar 140403 odds – together – in 1776. They had worked beyond political and personal differences to serve together inrepparttar 140404 Washington administration –repparttar 140405 first and last non-partisan administration in American history. But when Adams became President and Jefferson became Vice President – an arrangement which precipitated Adams’ downfall – Adams, rightly or wrongly, believed that Jefferson was responsible. Accordingly, Adams famously refused to attend Jefferson’s inauguration (the vanquished John Quincy Adams, would likewise refused to attendrepparttar 140406 swearing in of his successor, Andrew Jackson).

Independence forever.

On New Year’s Day in 1812, several years after Jefferson had finished his second term, it was Adams who wrote Jefferson a letter, thus endingrepparttar 140407 steely silence of more than a decade during. Overrepparttar 140408 next 14 years, they would write more than 150 letters to each other.

Through this correspondence,repparttar 140409 friendship of 1776 would be miraculously restored.

Finally, in 1826, in one of those strange facts of history which would be unbelievable if passed on to us inrepparttar 140410 form of fiction, Adams and Jefferson died within hours of each other on July 4th,repparttar 140411 50th anniversary ofrepparttar 140412 Declaration of Independence.

There are conflicting accounts of what Adams’ final words were. One says, I think implausibly, that he uttered, “at least Jefferson still lives” –repparttar 140413 irony being that Jefferson had died a few hours earlier.

The account which I think contains more truth in it says that Adams’ parting words were:

“Independence Forever!”

Mark Cole is an attorney who lives in Magnolia, Texas. To learn about how the Great Men of the Past – including men like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson – can help you to fulfill your destiny, please visit

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