Numerology Basics

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To find your life number you have to add up allrepparttar numbers in your birth date


Your Destiny Number sheds light on those things you must accomplish in your life to be fulfilled. It is determined by adding togetherrepparttar 122135 values for allrepparttar 122136 letters in your full birth name.


Your Personal Lucky Number does not change.Your luck derived from this number will be strongest when you are addressing events and issues related torepparttar 122137 general meaning ofrepparttar 122138 number.


The First Initial in your name isrepparttar 122139 Foundation Letter. It indicatesrepparttar 122140 most significant quality of your personality andrepparttar 122141 traits which make you unique inrepparttar 122142 eyes of other people.

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Dream Interpretation

Written by Andree

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There are some universal symbols. Water is usually telling you about your spiritual nature,repparttar real you.So what is happening in and aroundrepparttar 122134 water in your dream? Is it clear or is it murky? Is it moving fast or slow? Is it a natural flow like a river or is it restricted such as in a pond or swimming pool? Are you swimming upstream againstrepparttar 122135 flow or downstream withrepparttar 122136 flow? Are there fish? Big or small? One or many? What are they doing? A car in your dream is usually telling you aboutrepparttar 122137 way you are managing your energy or moving through life.Take note of who is driving your car andrepparttar 122138 condition of your car inrepparttar 122139 dream. An accident in a dream does not have to happen in real life. It is a warning to slow down.Sometimes there is something in a dream that is eluding us, but we know it is important. That is when a psychic can help because they can help you get torepparttar 122140 essence of a dream.Getting torepparttar 122141 essence of a dream is that "aaha" feeling - a time when you know that you know,repparttar 122142 time when you send a mental thankyou to your angels for their guidance via a dream.

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