Nova Scotia: Cheap Living and Retirement in Canada's Hidden Paradise

Written by Phillip Townsend

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Compared with many places inrepparttar United States, Nova Scotia enjoys a low crime rate, with incidents of violent being remarkably low. Americans don't need a visa to spend up to 180 days as a tourist in Canada and non-citizens may buy property without restrictions.

Liverepparttar 143804 good life on less than $25,000 a year. Besidesrepparttar 143805 fact that there's no such thing as a rat race in Nova Scotia, you can legally enjoy perks that are forbidden at home (such as being able to smoke genuine Cuban cigars). Its biggest asset is its cost of living. You’ll pay $12 a month for cable TV and $28 a month for home telephone service (or use a public payphone for just 20¢) can have fresh lobster, potato salad, coleslaw, bread, and mouthwatering dessert at a charming local restaurant for $17, and that includes a good bottle of local wine!

Affordable Real Estate To give you an example ofrepparttar 143806 costs in U.S. Dollars, here are some properties on offer right now (late May 2005): • A beautiful private 1-acre lakefront lot (only 35 minutes fromrepparttar 143807 capital) for only $10,500, and a 3/4-acre lot with ocean views: asking price: $14,500 (just an hour fromrepparttar 143808 capital), both perfect places to build your dream home.

• A 4-bedroom home overlookingrepparttar 143809 harbor in a charming private neighborhood for $53,750.

• A 5-acre lot to build your dream home on in a new development right onrepparttar 143810 Atlantic Ocean neat several country clubs for $36,400.

• A newly-renovated ocean-view 4-bedroom home within walking distance of a golden sand beach andrepparttar 143811 local general store (and only a 10-minute drive from one of Canada's most picturesque historic towns) can be yours for only $105,000.

• A secluded, yet accessible 340-acre parcel of land that includes a lake onrepparttar 143812 property (your own private fishing and hunting reserve). The cost: $101,000.

• A fully-furnished bachelor apartment inrepparttar 143813 city for $500 a month, which all utilities, indoor parking, TV, microwave, bed linens, dishes and eating utensils. Only a 10-minute walk torepparttar 143814 ferry.

These deals and many more make this little-known place worth investigating. Right now isrepparttar 143815 perfect time to get into Nova Scotia onrepparttar 143816 ground floor, beforerepparttar 143817 mainstream media lets everyone in onrepparttar 143818 secret and prices begin to soar.

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Written by Gregg Strand

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Ponderosa pines, high elevation meadows, and fir-spruce forests borderrepparttar rim ofrepparttar 143783 plateau and abound with wildlife. This area boasts some ofrepparttar 143784 world's best air quality, offering panoramic views of three states and approaching 200 miles of visibility. This, coupled withrepparttar 143785 lack of nearby large light sources, creates unparalleled opportunities for stargazing.

Bryce Canyon National Park is a scientist's laboratory and a child's playground. Because Bryce transcends 2000 ft. (650 m) of elevation,repparttar 143786 park exists in three distinct climatic zones: spruce/fir forest, Ponderosa Pine forest, and Pinyon Pine/juniper forest. This diversity of habitat provides for high biodiversity. Here at Bryce, you can enjoy over 100 species of birds, dozens of mammals, and more than a thousand plant species.

Entrance fees: Private Vehicle = $20 Commercial Vehicle = $150 - $30 (depending on # of seats) Individual Pass = $10

(The information in this article was obtained fromrepparttar 143787 National Park Service and is inrepparttar 143788 public domain.)

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