Nourishing the seeds of sucess

Written by Janet K. Ilacqua

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Integrity begins at home: You cannot expect your spouse to be supportive if you lie and cheat. What you do in your personal life will eventually have ramifications in your personal and vice versa. Your spouse and your children have many, many opportunities to observe your behavior. Its not enough to say that you are honest or merely attend religious services each week. You have to be a role model for your spouse your children and all others. If you are, your spouse will probably support you through good times and bad, during thin years and plump years. (Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, The Millionaire mind Bantam Books London, 2001, pg. 70-71) Never talk badly about anybody, even less when they are not present. Consider carefully where you plant your seeds. Avoid environments whererepparttar people are not passionate aboutrepparttar 122273 work that they are doing. Try to find environments that are respectful and supportive. If you are seeking work in an office environment, look atrepparttar 122274 cubicle decorations. Sparse cubicle decorations often indicate that people are not intending to stay long. Colorful and homey cubicles with plants often indicate more supportive work environments. Become intuitive. Be open to but also discerning of possible new clients and customers. Learn to listen torepparttar 122275 currents of prosperity. Know when it is time to followrepparttar 122276 current and when to change your direction or to take some time off. .The road to prosperity is not a straight path, but a meandering one with many side paths and detours. .

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Developing your prosperity Instinct

Written by Janet Ilacqua

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Pagan and Wicca Traditions ofrepparttar West The Celts, Greeks, and Romans all believed that prosperity was dependent uponrepparttar 122272 will ofrepparttar 122273 gods. Various deities were invoked specifically for prosperity, fertility and good crops.: inrepparttar 122274 Celtic tradition, Rosemont,repparttar 122275 cornucopia deity of harvest and a patroness of merchants of harvest , in Greece, Copier and Ops, and, in Rome, Juno Montana,repparttar 122276 Roman mother goddess of travellers and commerce.

Afterrepparttar 122277 advent of Christianity, many ofrepparttar 122278 ancient Celtic and other pagan beliefs, includingrepparttar 122279 invoking of deities, .was transmuted intorepparttar 122280 casting of spells inrepparttar 122281 Wicca beliefs. Green candles are often burned for prosperity. In modern times, Wicca beliefs have also absorbed other influences, such as Eastern reincarnation beliefs and New Age thinking.

Affirmations and Visualizations The New Age movements inrepparttar 122282 West have adapted many ofrepparttar 122283 same tools used byrepparttar 122284 Eastern and Wicca tradition that we have discussed: crystals, Tarot cards, meditation techniques, astrology, etc. However, they have developed two powerful motivational tools of their own: affirmations and visualizations.

Affirmations are positive statements. Simply repeat them to yourself as you go about your daily routine. You do not even have to consciously "listen, just play it inrepparttar 122285 background. Your subconscious mind hears and retainsrepparttar 122286 spoken affirmations and thus begins creating a more prosperous mindset. Your mind will especially pick outrepparttar 122287 personal issues and focus on them. Examples are: There is limitless supply of [fill in what you want] and it is mine I release my need for financial insecurity I am financially secure I am surrounded by loving, giving people I release my need to feel needy I have everything I want or need I release my fear of wealth and wellness I am healthy and wealthy I allow myself to prosper I trust that I will create abundance I have more than I need in every area of my life I open myself to receiverepparttar 122288 abundance of The Universe I release my need for debt I am solvent I am safe and secure I enjoy a steady flow of positive energy I am loved, accepted, acknowledged and appreciated Active, creative visualization is focused daydreaming. You create in your mind's eye a vision, a thought, and that thought has energy. As with dreams, your mind seems to work best with pictures. As such, visualizations, coupled with affirmations, are powerful tools of prosperity creation.

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