Nothing to Fear

Written by Ed Howes

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Let's imagine that al Qaeda and Pakistan are friendly allies. As a reward for 9/11, Pakistan presents al Qaeda with three or four nuclear weapons on ballistic missiles, supplied by North Korea. Or imagine three or four portable nukes flown in withrepparttar regular drug supply and turned over to American right wing extremists to place, under supervision. They are detonated by telephone whenrepparttar 126035 time is right, orrepparttar 126036 ballistic missiles are loaded on some innocuous ship like an oil tanker, which cruises into striking distance and launchesrepparttar 126037 entire payload at one or two targets.

Forrepparttar 126038 love of symbolism al Qaeda has demonstrated,repparttar 126039 strike comes whenrepparttar 126040 U.S. invades Iraq, where much of our Homeland Security is atrepparttar 126041 moment. Washington D.C. is vaporized. The administration, with some advance warning, retires to its survival bunkers. Whenrepparttar 126042 dust clears, they are all that is left of national government and callrepparttar 126043 troops home to enforcerepparttar 126044 martial law demanded byrepparttar 126045 people. We intensify our war on terror by arresting you and your neighbor for lack of cooperation withrepparttar 126046 new rules. This is as hard for us to imagine as Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City or 9/11. If we can imagine it, we can start making decisions now about how we will allow such an event to affect us. I was hoping to warn Congress but they are so swamped with protest communications, my message is unlikely to reach them. They could be sacrificed before they fully realizerepparttar 126047 threat. I heard 9/11 wasrepparttar 126048 result of communication failure. All successful attacks will be for this same reason.

Treason is a Capital crime. Providing aid and comfort torepparttar 126049 enemy in time of war isrepparttar 126050 definition of treason or high treason. So why isrepparttar 126051 Capitol trusting their lives torepparttar 126052 friends of al Qaeda inrepparttar 126053 White House? Is it possible not one of them knows what I have told you?

We are told that America does not distinguish between terrorists and those who support them. Assistingrepparttar 126054 escape of 8,000 al Qaeda supports terrorism as surely as money or training, which Congress also provides through Pakistan and other friends ofrepparttar 126055 President. Shouldrepparttar 126056 people distinguish between traitors and those who support them? Isrepparttar 126057 entire military and Congress as guilty asrepparttar 126058 President and Secretary? How about taxpayers who make it all possible? Who is not guilty and due no punishment? Maybe America is overdue for a good whipping. Who will prevent it?

Onrepparttar 126059 other hand, this is a new age. An age of brotherhood and science. I can see that aidingrepparttar 126060 escape of al Qaeda is a Christian and loving thing to do, not unlike allowing Saddam to leave Iraq with whatever entourage he chooses, before he is hunted down and eliminated. Who knows how we are loving Iran and North Korea? Though we might not see love as a result ofrepparttar 126061 world's most powerful military's care and attention, who am I to questionrepparttar 126062 men leading us into WWIII,repparttar 126063 great love war?

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No, Thank You! America, Go Home!

Written by Nevine A. Al Seidi

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America is ‘bribing' and ‘terrorizing' nations worldwide to join forces with it shredding Iraq and destroying it, promising to rebuild it using Iraqi money! Purely ridiculous. Iraqis, I mean Iraqi citizens not army, will never allow Americans to take over their country. Hadrepparttar American administration spent some time doing its homework, it would have figured that one out all by itself. Iraq, is not just another rich Arab country. It isrepparttar 126034 cradle ofrepparttar 126035 Arabic cultural lore ( read courage and honour here),repparttar 126036 generator of Arabic scientists ( read genetic genius), andrepparttar 126037 birth place ofrepparttar 126038 Arabs' ancestor , Prophet Abraham ( read Jihad). Iraq, like Palestine is a sacred land to all of us, Arabs. We will never allow a foreign country, to tamper with our roots, our history, our pride for some fictitious reasons likerepparttar 126039 dictatorship of one of our men, or for ‘harbouring' lethal weapons allowed byrepparttar 126040 Israeli occupation!

If America is fighting Iraq for us, its neighbours, we are saying clear and loud: No, thank you! If it is trying to freerepparttar 126041 Iraqi people from its dictator leader by bombing them, we advise : America, go home!

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1961, Al Seidi obtained her degree in English Literature from the University of Alexandria in 1983. After traveling the world, sampling two ways of life and been there, she is writing it all. Published in several anthologies as a poet in the US, Al Seidi is a voice of an Arab woman talking to us from the heart of the desert in a tongue we understand.

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