Not Sure If Your Online Advertisement is Working? Be Sure! - Track Your Ads

Written by Karen Fegarty

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A service such as ezTrackZ will manage all aspects of your tracking on their servers. This is a web-based tool that will allow you to quickly create your tracking links and report your results in real-time. Other examples of service based ad tracking are Hypertracker http://www.hypertracker and Roibot's Ad tracker Cost varies from $17 per month to $67 per year depending on which service you choose.

You can also purchase software such as AdTrackZ to manage your own tracking. Software like AdTrackZ must be installed and managed on your server and is available for a one-time cost.

Which ever method you choose, start now and stop wasting valuable time and dollars on unsuccessful advertising.

Karen Fegarty is a professional marketer working with both MailWorkZ and ezTrackZ. Check out the ezTrackZ product at and MailWorkZ’s flagship email marketing tool., Broadc@st at

Banner Ads: How To Quadruple Clickthroughs Using Proven Techniques!

Written by Grady Smith

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The headline above addresses two powerful motivators for someone that owns an RV. First, money, a universal motivator. And second, traveling in their RV. This creates excitement for an RV enthusiast readingrepparttar headline and lures them intorepparttar 100991 copy.

Second, a banner ad works better when it appears interactive.

Create buttons on your banner thatrepparttar 100992 reader can click. Perhaps a survey whererepparttar 100993 user clicks radio buttons to reply. Or, something that looks like a drop down menu thatrepparttar 100994 user clicks.

Third, as in any form of effective advertising, you need to create a sense of urgency.

Banner ads need to pullrepparttar 100995 reader away fromrepparttar 100996 website they’re already viewing. So, aside from an offer that speaks directly to them, you need to give them a reason to stop searchingrepparttar 100997 site they’re on and choose to visitrepparttar 100998 site your banner points to.

“Click Now” works, but an even more effective urgency creator would be “limited supplies” or “special discount forrepparttar 100999 first 100 visits”!

Fourth, make sure your banner design is simple. Key words should stand out. Graphics should be light, and only used to capture attention. Use color schemes that compliment one another and drawrepparttar 101000 eye.

Using these ideas in your own banner ads can dramatically increase clickthroughs. By applying them to your own banner marketing you can set your own personal records for clickthroughs and profits.

Grady Smith provides hard-core killer copywriting at prices you can afford. Use him for your sales letters, classified ads, and auto responder messages to set your marketing efforts on fire. Stop by and get your FREE critique and quote to learn how YOU can make more money!

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