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Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Don't get me wrong - I am as sick of receiving this garbage in my mailbox every day as everyone else. I don't like to receive unsolicited commercial email. I can't stop it however, and I don't think anyone can. I don't like receiving ads for porn sites, for legal representation, viagra, cellular phones, printer cartridges or anything else that winds up uninvited in my email.

I don't have a surefire solution to this problem, but do know that it is wrong to persecuterepparttar innocent onrepparttar 132778 outside chance of getting a spammer, who will simply spring up someplace else.

The anti-spam fanatics who pursue tactics like this are more of a problem thanrepparttar 132779 spammers they are trying to get rid of. While I can take steps to eliminaterepparttar 132780 spam I receive, I can't preventrepparttar 132781 fanatics from making false accusations, which could be detrimental to my reputation and business.

Face it -repparttar 132782 number of spams received from misdirected individuals is miniscule in comparison with those received fromrepparttar 132783 untouchable pros. Rather than persecuting legitimate people who are not guilty, why not take some steps to provide a workable solution.

Spam is theft, Spammers are thieves, and should be treated as such. They are stealing your available resources, not to mention your time to sort through it. Legislative solutions have become mired, and remove lists don't work. Filtering email is only a partial solution, as much spam is an HTML document that you can't eliminate on a keyword inrepparttar 132784 body ofrepparttar 132785 note, and since they use a different address every time it is sent, it is virtually impossible to block.

In my judgement,repparttar 132786 most effective way to keep unsolicited mail from getting in your email box, is to enact legislation that requiresrepparttar 132787 letters "ADV" to precederepparttar 132788 subject ofrepparttar 132789 unsolicited email. That would identify it as an ad, and allow yourepparttar 132790 option to easily filterrepparttar 132791 email to where you wish.

Something must be done, and a reasonable first step would be to send a copy of this article to your elected representatives, and demand action on their part.

The least effective way is to make complaints to ISP's found in an email, asrepparttar 132792 majority ofrepparttar 132793 time, you won't be gettingrepparttar 132794 real offenders. You could however, wind up hurting someone who is not guilty.

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8 Ways To Defend Yourself From False Spam Complaints

Written by John Colanzi

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Marketers have lost sites getting 1,000 or more visitors a day, because their host reacted without warning.

5. Set up email accounts and links to be used inrepparttar resource boxes of your articles.

Some spam software will go after every link in a newsletter. It's better to lose a throwaway account than have your main accounts shut down.

6. Set up email accounts and web pages to use in ezine ads.

7. Keep back up copies of your follow up auto responder messages.

8. Never send email to someone you don't know.

Avoid those cd's offering thousands of safe addresses. They aren't safe.

You can take these simple steps and protect you business, or you can protest your innocence while your scrambling to salvage your business.

Don't be a victim. Takerepparttar 132776 bull byrepparttar 132777 horns and protect your business.

No on will do it for you.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi

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