Not Getting Where You Want As A Writer? Change Your Mind

Written by Georgina Stath

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o We canít write what we want but have to cater to markets o We have to make further changes when requested by publishers o The amounts we get paid never justifyrepparttar work put in

It is any wonder then that writes are becoming independent? They realize their product is theirs so they donít need anyone to sell it for them. And most of all? They donít need to suffer anymore.

So they put in all their effort to create their own business and sell that product onrepparttar 129323 internet.

And know what? They make it.

The internet is an uncut diamond that we can shape into a fine jewel. The audience is wide and it just asks something from you.

Be unique. Me-tooís donítí get anywhere onrepparttar 129324 net. This is where readers turn for something different. Are you different? Are you daring? Do you not beat to anyoneís drum but your own?

A business onrepparttar 129325 net is ideal for you.

Iím not talking about submitting your work to e-publishers. Iíll taking about building a website and selling your work straight from there.

Become your own boss because you can. Berepparttar 129326 free spirit you always wanted to be. Writers are known for their uniqueness. Donít mould your style to suite anyone. Unleash your creativity now becauserepparttar 129327 opportunity is out there waiting for you.

Take it and make a difference.

Writers have made their own success stories.

Do you want to make yours?

Georgina Stath is a creative writer who took matters into her own hands. She runs her own business. She writes what she wants. She keeps all the profits. You can do it too. Just change your mind. Join the ĎEntrepreneur Creative Writerís Course To Success.í Itís free and highly informative. Send a blank email to

How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less!

Written by Caterina Christakos

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-Create- Create an environment that you can work in. Create characters that you will enjoy spending time with. Create an entire world for them to come to life in.

-Announce- Announce out loud to yourself every morning what your goal is. Announce to those supportive of you that you are finally going to put pen to paper. Announce your need for their support and cooperation.

-Collaborate- Collaborate with other writers for ideas. Collaborate with your children and find out what kids actually want to hear about. Collaborate with librarians in your area to see what types of stories are selling.

-Procceed- Proceed with your plan every day. Proceed to add pictures and ideas to your treasure map. Proceed towardrepparttar future that you deserve.

If you follow these six steps diligently, you should have more than enough time to write your book, give Fido his bathand make sure that your summer clothes are atrepparttar 129321 front of your closet. Good luck and have fun.

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Caterina Christakos is a published children's book and how to author, as well as a freelance travel writer. Her work has been viewed both nationally and internationally.

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