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Written by Rob Francis

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When someone creates a link to your siterepparttar text that is used forrepparttar 119340 link is very important. This is known asrepparttar 119341 link anchor text. If someone kindly offered to place a link to my website on their homepage, I would ask if they would use specific anchor text forrepparttar 119342 link. This makesrepparttar 119343 link much more relevant. My website is about website promotion in New Zealand, so I would want something similar torepparttar 119344 following:

Website Promotion New Zealand

as opposed to:

Good NZ promotion site. Click Here

You can see that inrepparttar 119345 first example,repparttar 119346 anchor text is relevant and would help me to rank well for terms such as "website promotion", "website promotion New Zealand", and "New Zealand website promotion". Inrepparttar 119347 second example, I would be improving my ranking forrepparttar 119348 term "click here".


There are lots of very technical requirements to gettingrepparttar 119349 right linking strategies and nobody really knows for certain whatrepparttar 119350 exact requirements are. This is because search engines do not disclose information about their ranking algorithms in great detail and also because these algorithms change with time. Different search engines have different requirements that they are looking for, which further complicates matters. Unless you are happy to get involved in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and spend absolutely ages on it, simply following my advice in this article will improve your search engine rankings and save you a lot of time and headaches.

Rob Francis is currently working towards a Ph.D in E-commerce and Website Management through Rushmore University.

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How to Build Link Popularity - The Natural Way

Written by Sean Odom

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There are many directories out there that provide free registration, and some charge a fee. Below is a list of quality directories that we recommend and their PR:

**Important** Readrepparttar submission guidelines before you submit to any directory.

Open Directory (PR-9) - Free. To submit, dig down and find repparttar 119339 most appropriate category for your website and submit. Approval can take anywhere from 3 months to a year depending onrepparttar 119340 category you submit to. Tip: submit to a regional category. Submission Guidelines: Add URL:

Jayde B2B Directory (PR-6) - Free. To submit, findrepparttar 119341 most appropriate category for your website and submit. Approval usually happens within 1-5 days. You can expect decent traffic from this clean user friendly directory. Submission Guidelines: Add URL:

GoGuides Directory (PR-6) - Free. You have to be an editor to submit but its free to join. To submit findrepparttar 119342 most appropriate category, clickrepparttar 119343 add url link, then apply to be a Goguide. Tip: readrepparttar 119344 editor guidelines before you apply. Editor Guidelines: Editor Agreement: Add URL:

JoeAnt Directory (PR-6) - Free. You have to be an editor to submit but its free to join. Same as above. Editor Application: Add URL:

Yahoo Directory (PR-8) - Charges ($299 yearly fee). A bit pricey but very important. You will receive a nice amount of traffic from a listing here as well as a nice pr boost for your website. It's very important to readrepparttar 119345 guidelines and tips before you register. Directory Basics: Submission Guidelines: Add URL: (PR-8) - Charges ($99 per year). Business search engine and directory with very affordable registration prices, and submission review within 5 days. Listing includes up to 4 additional links per listing (about us, services etc). Guidelines and FAQ Add URL : Standard Listing

BlueFind Directory (PR-8) Charges ($40) - Human edited directory, accepts website registration, individual web page submission that are relevant torepparttar 119346 site, also offers sponsored listings. Add URL : Home Page

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