Nostalgic Flashback Of The 1950s Era

Written by Barbara Wangelid

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Clothes Cuffed bobbie socks worn with suede "buckskin" shoes or saddle shoes that came in all color combinations and styles from light weight torepparttar original heavier oxford in black and white. The sleeves were always cuffed and rolled onrepparttar 148381 girls short sleeve shirts, and finished off with a scarf aroundrepparttar 148382 neck. Wool skirts withrepparttar 148383 length atrepparttar 148384 middle ofrepparttar 148385 calf with a slit inrepparttar 148386 back. The favorite hair styles were pony tails, and shoulder length hair that was rolled atrepparttar 148387 ends with bangs and usually a side part. Barrettes were often used as decoration and to holdrepparttar 148388 hair away fromrepparttar 148389 face. The boys typical clothes were blue jeans with cuffed legs, a t-shirt with rolled sleeves, or a shirt withrepparttar 148390 back ofrepparttar 148391 collar turned up. They wore various short hair styles ranging fromrepparttar 148392 butch to slightly longer Elvis style that was combed back and held in place with VO5 Hair Dressing into a duck tail or DA as it was called. Going to church on Easter Sunday was a sight to behold! Allrepparttar 148393 women and young girls (me included) wore a hat adorned with artificial flowers along with white gloves.

Toys and Hobbies I wasn't much into dolls as a child because I preferred to be outside exploring or making something with my hands. The one doll that I did enjoy for a short time wasrepparttar 148394 Ginny Doll that is tucked away in a closet complete with allrepparttar 148395 clothes, accessories and furniture along with a Toni Doll still inrepparttar 148396 original box almost untouched. The Toni Doll was a Christmas gift and I was evidently atrepparttar 148397 age that it just didn't interest me much. Easy Bake Oven has been around for 50 plus years as I was given one for Christmas when I was 8 years old and made and ate allrepparttar 148398 cakesrepparttar 148399 first night. Needless to say, I got very sick later that night! One of my weekly downtown stops wasrepparttar 148400 local Hobby Shop that sold Paint by Number products. I would sit at a desk inrepparttar 148401 sunroom and paint for hours. I painted a black tole waste basket and Kleenex box holder that was given to my Mother as a gift. They also sold magic tricks that fascinated me and I would give magic shows at home onrepparttar 148402 piano bench covered with a black antique crazy quilt. Two other toys I have fond memories of wasrepparttar 148403 Hula Hoop andrepparttar 148404 Slinky.

Burma Shave The old motels are now a thing ofrepparttar 148405 past having been replaced with travel hotels. More rooms in a smaller space, but not as convenient asrepparttar 148406 motels where you would park right in front of your room. When our family would take car trips we would seerepparttar 148407 Burma Shave signs alongrepparttar 148408 road and read them out load as we passed them. DON'T TRY PASSING, ON A SLOPE, UNLESS YOU HAVE, A PERISCOPE, BURMA-SHAVE.

If computers had come along 45 years sooner, I think my life would have been very different. Oh well, better late than never.

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The Facts About Cosmetic Surgery

Written by Jenna Keys

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What should I ask my surgeon?

You may have a little knowledge or you may have a lot of knowledge about your chosen surgery, but you should always research a little yourself before you visitrepparttar clinic for your one-on-one. Know what you are stepping into. By looking onrepparttar 148327 Internet and perhaps ringing around several clinics asking for information you will probably be presented with a few questions you want to ask. Do not be afraid to askrepparttar 148328 questions, no matter how trivial or how stupid they seem.

There are a number of questions you should always ask a surgeon or a clinic before you make that all-important final decision. These questions should include, but not be limited to, asking about any side effects. If you are told there are no side effects you should be very wary indeed. Considerrepparttar 148329 side effects on a tub of painkillers you can buy overrepparttar 148330 counter. The list is seemingly endless, and having cosmetic surgery will undoubtedly have a longer list of potential side effects than taking a couple of Paracetemol. Question your surgeon about his experience and qualifications. Usuallyrepparttar 148331 certificates will be framed onrepparttar 148332 wall of their office, if not, do not be afraid to ask. A reputable surgeon will be only to please to show you his certificates.

Ask how longrepparttar 148333 treatment will take and how much time will be needed to recover. Ask is there are any alternatives, surgical or non-surgical. Once you have allrepparttar 148334 facts you will be in a position to make a better informed and accurate decision.

The bottom line on cosmetic surgery.

Many people consider and have cosmetic surgery andrepparttar 148335 decrease in price has brought with it a wider array of potential treatments. Surgery isnít always necessary but, if you have your heart set on it, then be sure to thoroughly research every aspect of your treatment,repparttar 148336 clinic you intend to use andrepparttar 148337 surgeon who will carry outrepparttar 148338 procedure. Ask plenty of questions about experience, qualification and side effects. Once you have allrepparttar 148339 knowledge, and if you are sure you want to proceed then at least you know you have done as much as possible to make sure your cosmetic surgery is done safely.

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