Non-Reciprocal Link Building For Higher Search Engine Positioning

Written by Dave Davies

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Article Submissions As you’re reading this article you should certainly be able to infer that I personally am a fan of writing articles as a form of non-reciprocal link building. Articles provide perhapsrepparttar best of all worlds in that they provide valuable and entirely relevant links and also can be a great source of targeted traffic.

That said, articles are alsorepparttar 105615 most time consuming of link building efforts. One must considerrepparttar 105616 time it takes to writerepparttar 105617 article, find sites to publish it and alsorepparttar 105618 submission ofrepparttar 105619 articles to all these sites. As a tip, when you find sites you wish to submit your article to add them to a folder in your “Favorites” (or “Bookmarks” for those of us using Firefox). If you decide to publish more articles inrepparttar 105620 future (and you probably will) it’s certainly helpful to start with a list ofrepparttar 105621 places you’re submitting to rather than having to find them all again downrepparttar 105622 road.

When you’re writing your article there are a few considerations that you should make. One ofrepparttar 105623 biggest benefits of articles as a link building measure is thatrepparttar 105624 links are relevant in that they are aboutrepparttar 105625 topic of your site. Why not insure that your titles and content are written such that they add further weight for your targeted keywords. If you look atrepparttar 105626 title of this article “Non-Reciprocal Link Building For Higher Search Engine Positioning” you’ll notice thatrepparttar 105627 phrase “search engine positioning” (our main targeted phrase) is present. Additionallyrepparttar 105628 phrase is repeated periodically inrepparttar 105629 content area. This will add relevancy to this article and our targeted phrase. If you look inrepparttar 105630 credits below you’ll notice thatrepparttar 105631 anchor text linking to our site is “Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning” (assuming thatrepparttar 105632 site on which you are reading this article allowed for HTML submissions otherwiserepparttar 105633 link should simply berepparttar 105634 http format). This will add additional relevancy tying that phrase to our site.

Becauserepparttar 105635 Beanstalk website is still inrepparttar 105636 sandbox on Google it is unable to rank for this highly competitive phrase however you may notice that currentlyrepparttar 105637 #11 ranking page is one of our articles. This alone should demonstrate that these articles can pick up relevancy. Once Beanstalk is out ofrepparttar 105638 sandbox on Google we will have many highly relevancy links that are strong enough to rank #11 on their own. You can dorepparttar 105639 same provided that you treat writing your articlesrepparttar 105640 same as your content. It must contain your targeted keywords and it must read well.

Additionally, you are going to want to search for many related websites to submit to. You can visitrepparttar 105641 search engines themselves to find related sites (in our case we would run a search such as “search engine positioning articles submit”) or you can use a program like PR Prowler ( to findrepparttar 105642 links and also insure a minimum PageRank onrepparttar 105643 sites you are submitting to.

If you decide to publish more than one article I would further recommend that you add to your list with each submission. Take a few minutes before you submit and find an additional 5+ sites to submit your articles to. You’ll find your link popularity and rankings will reward you for it.

Summary Of course there are many additional tactics you can use to get non-reciprocal links including paid links, press releases, etc. however those noted above arerepparttar 105644 ones which will producerepparttar 105645 most consistently over time and while they can be time consuming, are well worthrepparttar 105646 effort.

I wish yourepparttar 105647 very best of luck in developing your non-reciprocal links and in increasing your search engine positioning. It will take time; it will take energy; but done right it will be very rewarding.

Dave Davies isrepparttar 105648 CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning ( He has been optimizing and ranking websites for over three years and has a solid history of success. Dave is available to answer any questions that you may have about your website and how to get it intorepparttar 105649 top positions onrepparttar 105650 major search engines. To keep informed about what going on inrepparttar 105651 SEO world you may also want to visitrepparttar 105652 newly created SEO blog ( onrepparttar 105653 Beanstalk website.

Dave Davies is the CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning. Dave is available to answer any questions that you may have about your website and how to get it into the top positions on the major search engines.

Multiply Your Links

Written by Adrian Kennelly

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Free Online Services

Offer a free online service from your web site. The online service could be an e-mail account, search engine submission or e-mail consulting, etc.

Free Information

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Free Affiliate Program

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Now, I know, there are many other ways to get links like trading or exchanging links with other web sites or joining a banner exchange. You can also do joint ventures or cross promoting. I feel these are not as effective as multiplying your links. I hope this article can help you increase traffic to your web site.

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