Nodus Provides Business Process Automation for Online Commerce

Written by Nodus Technologies, Inc.

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Online commerce process automation isrepparttar first in what will be a series of targeted solutions to be implemented. “Our vision is to work with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate other core business requirements from multiple suppliers to provide an end-to-end solution,” said Donte Kim, CEO of Nodus Technologies. “The resulting solution stacks will save time and resources for companies seeking to automate their business process."

Amidstrepparttar 147675 current surge in eCommerce, eStore Solution Stack based on Nodus’ acclaimed eStore Advantage, is very appealing to companies seeking an immediate solution to automate web store orders. In addition to seamless integration with Microsoft Great Plains, eStore Solution Stack also interfaces with trusted payment gateway providers, like VeriSign, Wells Fargo, Paymentech and others.

eStore Solution Stack for BV Commerce is available for general release immediately. For product and pricing information, please contact

About Nodus Technologies, Inc. Nodus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated payment processing solutions. Leveraging its patent-pending technology,repparttar 147676 company enables organizations to achieve end-to-end connectivity by seamlessly integrating front and back office business applications. Nodus Technologies solutions facilitate greater scalability by utilizing an open architecture which readily supportsrepparttar 147677 addition of payment gateways and business environments. Based on a collaborative framework, its applications integrate with Microsoft® Business Solutions–Great Plains as well as other accounting packages, ERP’s, POS, B2B portal, call center, and CRM solutions. Additional information about Nodus Technologies products and services can be found at

Known for the superior integration and flexibility of our solutions, Nodus enables businesses to integrate various front-end applications such as Web orders, POS, CRM, and electronic payments with multiple banks, processors, and back office environments.

Affiliate Marketing: An Online Marketing Strategy

Written by Marsh Uele

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The biggest key to making money online through an affiliate program is by generating traffic. You won't make money online, though, by adding numerous links that have nothing to do with you or your product. For example, if you are a web developer, you won't make money online by becoming an affiliate of websites selling fishing equipment. However, you can make money online by becoming an affiliate of web development software. Make money online by linking to bookstores that carry books your clients may be interested in or trade publications and e-zines. As with any business, it all depends on who you market to.

In order to make money online, you need diligence and perseverance. It won't be made overnight, but through continual marketing efforts, you can make money online.

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