No longer the Raj

Written by Holmes Charnley

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Well, as I say, when I first came across this story, it was amusing fromrepparttar point of view of trying to fathom out whatrepparttar 132535 reaction would be, should such a shop open where I live. Living amidstrepparttar 132536 rolling hills of a rural county in England has many advantages, of course. I like landscape. I likerepparttar 132537 smell of harvest. But unlikerepparttar 132538 harvest, I can't say I've ever smeltrepparttar 132539 family who live downrepparttar 132540 road...

You see, a lot ofrepparttar 132541 older generation still think they are sipping gin and tonics, fanned byrepparttar 132542 natives, as they lounge onrepparttar 132543 verandah out in India.

The Raj is over. The empire IS nothing but an insipid little man called Tony. And that's alright with me.

Welcome to a multi~cultural England, dear.

Tonight, I playrepparttar 132544 rhumba louder…

Freelance Journalist based in UK. Individual, light-hearted style but still with the power to make you think.


Written by Slawek

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I am not interested in protesters, just as I feel distant fromrepparttar theoreticians attempting to usurprepparttar 132533 throne ofrepparttar 132534 Supreme Creator. What I see, what stinks of arrogance and our rapaciousness, turning everything into a comic book. Globalization has become what today twists usrepparttar 132535 most. Out of all great people known to me, onlyrepparttar 132536 Pope discernsrepparttar 132537 weaknesses of this process. Unfortunately, those who could help in improving audibility of his words keep silent, or amplify them in such way that they become a part of our comic book. "The American Beauty", one ofrepparttar 132538 most interesting American films ofrepparttar 132539 final years ofrepparttar 132540 20th century brilliantly conveysrepparttar 132541 atmosphere of life inrepparttar 132542 times of globalization (though this was notrepparttar 132543 aim of its creators) – I wholeheartedly recommend that you see this picture, if you have not done that already (one could add here yet another title fromrepparttar 132544 past century, "The Magnolias"), and my personal observations, of a man moving without a hurry, because he LIVES AND IS…

So much for my loose notes of observations of a man moving without a hurry, because he LIVES AND IS! One could write an excellent article about “hiccupping, hollering in a sandbox, about thinking-unthinking”, only this would be pointless, as all write this way.

We have just returned from Utah from our New Year skiing. Imagine unending fog in a city surrounded byrepparttar 132545 Rocky Mountains (Salt Lake City) andrepparttar 132546 beautiful sunshine up inrepparttar 132547 mountains,repparttar 132548 white pure snow around. We were lucky to ski in one ofrepparttar 132549 few remaining centers not allowingrepparttar 132550 use of snowboards. The beautifully located Alta, cheaper by half than competitors, vanquishesrepparttar 132551 others with its unique charm. The four of us, as you know, adorerepparttar 132552 mountains and throughoutrepparttar 132553 year we dream of skiing, remaining firmly in our lowlands. I’d better finish this scribbling. Hugs…



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