No Stress Holidays

Written by Theresa Frasch

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Use this section of your notebook to plan your holiday meals and to plan your baking and candy making. Title each section accordingly. Jot downrepparttar menu for your holiday dinner and make out your shopping list. Check your baking and candy recipes and make out your shopping list. If you have other special holiday items just add them here: decorative paper plates and napkins, Hickory Farms for unexpected guests, eggnog, a trip torepparttar 131447 liquor store. Keep track of everything you need here and you won’t be making second and third trips torepparttar 131448 store for forgotten items. Holiday Parties

This section is good whether you are planning a party, going to a party or both. Include sections on Decorations (what you will use, where they are, additional items you will need to purchase), Guest List, Food and Beverages (plan here for potluck parties you are invited to as well asrepparttar 131449 menu for your party), Preparation (what needs to be done and who is going to do it--try to divide responsibilities evenly), Invitations and Wardrobe Planner (make sure you have allrepparttar 131450 accessories as well as your main outfit for each occasion). Extras This section of your notebook will includerepparttar 131451 Holiday Chore List. This is a place to list all ofrepparttar 131452 extras that need to be done forrepparttar 131453 holidays: extra cleaning, gettingrepparttar 131454 guest room ready, putting uprepparttar 131455 outside decorations, etc. Remember to schedule time sensitive chores onto your daily calendar in section one. The family meeting is a good place to discuss these extras and to divvy them up.

The Extras section is also a good spot for your Christmas Decorations inventory. Jot down items that you remember from last year that you need: extra lights, a bigger tree stand, new candles, etc. As you begin to decorate you can also add onto this list.

Planning your holiday season may seem like too much trouble, butrepparttar 131456 benefits of planning in advance are numerous: no double scheduling, no wasted shopping trips, no scrambling around trying to find last minute gifts, peace of mind knowing that you did everything you wanted to do most, andrepparttar 131457 joy of a no stress holiday season filled with friends, family and fun. And just think, next year you will have your holiday planner all set up and ready to go. Put this year’s planner in a safe place and bring it out next holiday season for another no stress holiday.


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The Fate of Public Enemy Number One

Written by Tom Horn

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Could public enemy number one, Osama Bin Laden, be gripped byrepparttar myth of Phaeton? His father was generally absent and died when Osama was ten. The boy was then brought up by his mother alone. This would have made him available torepparttar 131445 living trend. However, nothing is certain because living trends emerge in a surprising way. They are unpredictable, unlike events that occur underrepparttar 131446 known laws of interaction. But you can see how Osama could be livingrepparttar 131447 tragedy of Phaeton. His father was missing. And plainly, in his war againstrepparttar 131448 west, he has bitten off more than he can chew andrepparttar 131449 standard 'pattern' ofrepparttar 131450 living trend is emerging. Osama's followers think that he is some kind of religious prophet. He certainly looks like one, with his Biblical clothes, general demeanor and apocalyptic utterances. But appearances can be deceptive. If he were a prophet, why can't he 'see'repparttar 131451 'power' in which he is caught up andrepparttar 131452 fate that awaits him. He can't 'see' because he is 'blind'. He is 'blind' likerepparttar 131453 rest of us who must go on in 'darkness' and live out, torepparttar 131454 very end,repparttar 131455 folly which we call human life. It looks as though George Bush will 'blast Osama Bin Laden out ofrepparttar 131456 sky', thus fulfillingrepparttar 131457 archetypal 'pattern' that was 'intended' fromrepparttar 131458 beginning. But should George celebrate his great 'victory over evil'? Maybe not. You see, George is living out his own myth and it is an unpleasant surprise that awaits him too. It looks as if old George is livingrepparttar 131459 myth ofrepparttar 131460 problem solver. This isrepparttar 131461 myth of Hercules. Our hero is seen chopping offrepparttar 131462 heads ofrepparttar 131463 Hydra, only to be surprised by more problematic heads growing elsewhere onrepparttar 131464 body ofrepparttar 131465 monster. So here we have George 'Hercules' Bush chopping off Osama's head only to be confronted by more terror tactics fromrepparttar 131466 monstrous AlQaeda terrorist network. Here also we have George oustingrepparttar 131467 Taliban in Afghanistan, only to create a 'vacuum' which sucks in an equally unacceptable regime. So George's solutions are turning into new problems. He is simply acting outrepparttar 131468 myth that most of us are embroiled in. So don't celebrate yet George. We shouldn't laugh, because human folly afflicts us all. In a world where recognizable patterns of development are unlikely, everyday life is crammed with them. These living trends or vortexes of disembodied 'intent' emerge, in a surprising way, from a dimension beyond time and space. Call this dimension what you will -repparttar 131469 unconscious, heaven, hell,repparttar 131470 underworld, eternity,repparttar 131471 void, phase space, it does not matter. The trends emerge justrepparttar 131472 same to enlist each one of us in a life of folly. They get away with it because we are unconscious ofrepparttar 131473 nature of reality. We think we are in control but nothing could be further fromrepparttar 131474 Truth. You see, there is a transcendent 'pattern' forrepparttar 131475 development of Osama and George and you and me. But this never manifests because something goes wrong early on. A father dies, imperfect knowledge is imparted, unrealistic mind viruses are contracted, some unforeseen event pushes us off-track. Forrepparttar 131476 transcendent pattern of a life to emerge it must be evoked by an already existing role model or by a special teaching. The teaching is designed to help a person correct imbalances and become available to a 'power' that creates nice surprises. Inrepparttar 131477 absence of nice surprises, all you are left with isrepparttar 131478 living trends of science, technology, religion and culture. Atrepparttar 131479 end of those beguiling 'paths' is an 'abyss'.

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