No Stars for the Eclipse

Written by Robert Levin

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What’s more, we can be reasonably certain thatrepparttar popular denouement ofrepparttar 136559 “happy ending”—the product of an inevitable backlash—would never have been developed.

So while it’s often, for me, like feeling obliged to respect whatever that was that Marcel Marceau used to do, even as you knew that one more minute of it and your lungs were going to erupt with blood, I’m more than prepared to honorrepparttar 136560 “Old Master’s” achievements. It’s just that I’m not what you’d call a huge fan. What puts me off most’s His LORDLY attitude. I could forgive Him a lot—yes, even those tedious revivals of His wind-and-water specials that take out half a state—were He less disdainful of His audience, less willfully opaque and ambiguous. I know this “mysterious ways” thing is a cornerstone of His persona and I can understand His reluctance to give it up. But, bordering onrepparttar 136561 pathological, His aversion to making His meanings known is wearing a little thin, don’t you think?

I’ll allow that, however disappointing it may be, it’s ultimately of small consequence when He mounts a shoddy eclipse. But it’s something else again when, for one especially egregious example, He leaves you to blow out all your circuits trying to figure just where Hannity and Colmes fit intorepparttar 136562 notion that if you’re onrepparttar 136563 planet it’s for a reason.

Former contributor to The Village Voice and Rolling Stone. Coauthor and coeditor, respectively, of two collections of essays about rock and jazz in the '60s: "Music & Politics" and "Giants of Black Music."

Top 10 Things to make your next company meeting more exciting Part 1

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3. Spill coffee onrepparttar conference table. Produce a little paper boat and sail it downrepparttar 136506 table.

2. Complain loudly that your neighbor won't stop touching you. Demand thatrepparttar 136507 boss make him/her stop doing it.

1. Stay behind as everyone else, includingrepparttar 136508 boss, leaves. Thank them for coming.

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