No One Expects The Inquisition

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I asked myself if I could ever see a Republican argument forrepparttar pledge that didn't include them mentioning that it is an institution that has been around for generations, which as I just pointed out is obviously not true? I thinkrepparttar 138357 answer is clearly no. Why then do they so loudly condemn those that claim thatrepparttar 138358 filibuster is an institution in this country that has protected minorty rights for 199 years? Why all of a sudden is there such a pressing need to do away with it? Arerepparttar 138359 Democrats acting in a way that is so revolutionary and threatening to our Republic that drastic measures must be taken? Or is it more likely that dangerous fundamentalist "Chrisitans" have overtaken this party? Is it possible that what makes them so dangerous is their prideful ignorance where they neither understand history nor care to? Is it that they don't care aboutrepparttar 138360 means so long as they reach their ends?

Draw your own conclusions but it looks to me like it's just another attempted "Christian" inquistion seeking to purgerepparttar 138361 heretical dissenters from this country, but this time instead of Torquemada being "The Grand Inquisitor," it's an almost mythological beast that hasrepparttar 138362 face of Bill Frist,repparttar 138363 patience of Jerry Falwell andrepparttar 138364 logic of Pat Roberston.

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Friday the 13th . . .

Written by Rich Brunelle

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Do you want to know what I'm feeling inside today? In addition torepparttar legal prosecution I have to endure,repparttar 138259 school has provided me a "five-day suspension" coupled withrepparttar 138260 threat of possible expulsion, which also means I probably will not graduate this year. And since I feel not only embarrassed by my arrest, but also betrayed byrepparttar 138261 Vice Principal who used my honesty against me to have me arrested, I probably will not return to school at all.

I also feel anger. Real Anger! That school campus is full of knives, bats, chains, and guns. Evenrepparttar 138262 Sheriffs Deputies had knives in their possession. And granted, Police are authorized to carry guns, batons, and other tools of their trade that they train forrepparttar 138263 proper use of, and are expected to carry such upon their person while on school grounds. But, not even Police haverepparttar 138264 right to carry knives on school campuses that have a zero tolerance policy. I suspect that at least fifty percent ofrepparttar 138265 adults on High School Campuses carry at least a pocket knife. So why are they not in this cell beside me?

So either I am a Student that is provided a Cite and Release and a short term juvenile record, or I am affordedrepparttar 138266 same rights as every other adult on that High School Campus, includingrepparttar 138267 Police. No, they would rather leave me festering this anger in a jail cell, destroy my High School education, and leave me withrepparttar 138268 legal requirement to have to say I have been convicted of a felony on job applications forrepparttar 138269 rest of my life. They would rather leave me withrepparttar 138270 image of my mother in tears while they told her they were arresting me for this. They would rather leave me with this anger building within me, getting stronger with every rejection and failure my future will now provide me, instead ofrepparttar 138271 success I could have enjoyed were it not for this foolish mistake. But, did they tell any of you where I'm going to be?

I'm going to be in your neighborhood, living on your street, growing madder and madder with each passing day. But, don't worry. You won't know me . . . And, I will not ever consider getting out of bed on Fridayrepparttar 138272 13th ever again.

Note: Although I have fictionalizedrepparttar 138273 most of this story, it is derived from a real occurrence this past Fridayrepparttar 138274 13th. And, I am offended to seerepparttar 138275 blatant disregard for a good young man. I am even further offended byrepparttar 138276 lack of justice afforded this situation,repparttar 138277 violation of his civil rights by school officials, andrepparttar 138278 failure of our legal system to preventrepparttar 138279 erosion of society when they not only haverepparttar 138280 capability, butrepparttar 138281 opportunity to do so. As for my fellow brothers behindrepparttar 138282 badge, you are an embarrassment with your hypocrisy.

Rich Brunelle is a Disabled Retired Peace Officer for the State of Calafornia. If you would like to comment to him directly regarding this article, visit the Forum at

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