No More Stillborn Kittens – Know How To Care For A Pregnant Cat

Written by Marc de Jong

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Where it all comes down to, is this: if you know how to recognize complications, you can do a lot to preventrepparttar worst. Seeing a vet might not even be necessary then - which is not only good news for your cat, but also for your budget.

And if you haverepparttar 150645 right skills, you can save a kitten’s life when something goes wrong during birth. Yes, even you can obtain these skills!

Time is ofrepparttar 150646 essence with most medical issues. But when you have a pregnant pet, educating yourself is just as important.

Spend time on reading about pregnancy in cats. Talk with a professional breeder. Ask your vet for advice once you realize your cat is pregnant.

Don’t sit back and think all goes well. With a little time and effort, you can save yourself and your cat a devastating experience.

Journalist and long-time cat lover Marc de Jong is the author of How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat, a unique ebook that tells you all about pregnant cats, birth and raising kittens. Read more here:

GPS Pet Tracking

Written by Anne King

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All GPS units vary in sophistication as doesrepparttar pet--tracking GPS. You can choose a unit that gives location and nothing else, or you can purchase a device that will give you location andrepparttar 150363 information of how to get there, including reference points alongrepparttar 150364 way. As in any product, what you spend will definerepparttar 150365 abilities of your system. If your animal is a water lover make sure thatrepparttar 150366 unit is waterproof.

There is a difference between dog tracker collars and GPS pet--tracking devices. The former are usually limited in range to about half a mile and are ineffective if your animal has been stolen and removed fromrepparttar 150367 area. Beacon devices can only be seen withinrepparttar 150368 range ofrepparttar 150369 light.

A GPS Pet-tracking device that is not being worn is useless. If you investrepparttar 150370 money, make sure that your pet wears his/hers allrepparttar 150371 time. Yes, animal snatchers will sometimes remove collars, but a surprising number don't think about doing so. Combined with micro chipping and registration, pet--tracking GPS devices will go a long way to ensure that your lost pet will be located.

Anne King is a sports and recreation writer in Boise, Idaho. For more GPS tracking information, visit Maps GPS which provides practical information on GPS and maps that everyone can use. The website includes product reviews and a maps/GPS glossary.

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