No More Stagefright = Have Fun Speaking

Written by Dianne Legro

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5. Before you speak, take a deep breath and find a face inrepparttar audience to connect with. Smile. Let them know you are glad to be there with them.

6. Remind yourself how important it is for people to receive this information. This takesrepparttar 107923 responsibility off you and puts it onrepparttar 107924 subject that they need to learn about.

7. Do a soft humming exercise. Close your lips and softly hum usingrepparttar 107925 letter "mmmmmmmm." This warms up your resonance and gets your tongue and lips relaxed and loose.

Remember,repparttar 107926 presentation is not about you. People have come intorepparttar 107927 room needing to hearrepparttar 107928 information you have for them. What you need to think about is them and how much they need to hearrepparttar 107929 information! It helps them and takes your mind off YOU!

For the past 18 years Dianne has worked with Fortune 500 Companies and top government agencies to optimize leadership & communication skills. As a veteran Broadway stage performer,

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How Podcasting is Used

Written by S. Housley

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Topic-specific radio talk shows with commentaries, interviews and debates can now be heard at a time and place ofrepparttar listener's choosing. Considerrepparttar 107922 benefit of educational tutorials and foreign language instruction; lessons could be listened to during a work commute. Supplementary class lectures, step by step tutorials or walking guides are all possible using podcasting. An unlimited collection of books read aloud for elderly or visually-impaired listeners only scratchrepparttar 107923 surface of what is possible inrepparttar 107924 future of podcasting.

The fate of podcasting is inrepparttar 107925 hands ofrepparttar 107926 subscribers. The subscriber can easily delete podcast feeds that do not satisfy their needs withrepparttar 107927 single tap of a button. Ultimately,repparttar 107928 subscriber maintains control and determines what podcasts are deemed successful. This intrinsically builds in a quality control level and will ensure thatrepparttar 107929 more innovative instructional and interesting podcast feeds survive.

The technology is fresh and, likerepparttar 107930 Internet, is opening doors to entrepreneurs. As podcasting evolves, users will find more creative kinds of audio content to deliver. The low barrier to entry has forced this new medium torepparttar 107931 forefront, as businesses and individuals have really little to lose in adding podcasting as a communication channel.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds and NotePage, Inc. a wireless messaging software company.

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