No Marketing, No Promoting, Huge Potential Profits

Written by Rick Barnett

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The second part of our plan is where we can experience massive income growth in a relatively short time. Rather than spillrepparttar entire plan here and now, I will just give you an example of what we will do in this perfect business plan.

Everybody is aware ofrepparttar 136257 energy markets, like unleaded gasoline, crude oil, and natural gas. All of these markets are very volatile on a day to day basis, but they all exhibit strong seasonal price movement tendencies every year. If you could participate somehow in these moves, you would stand to make lots of money.

The same thing happens withrepparttar 136258 grain markets - corn, wheat, andrepparttar 136259 soybean products. They exhibit strong seasonal price changes that can be followed with relative safety using our systems, and inrepparttar 136260 process, can generate huge profits alongrepparttar 136261 way.

We have figured out a way to harness these markets in a way that limits our risk to a very acceptable level, while giving us an opportunity to participate inrepparttar 136262 huge price changes that occur every year in these markets. This is what makes uprepparttar 136263 base ofrepparttar 136264 second half of our perfect Internet business.

By using an Internet based opportunity to generate cash, then using that cash in another business segment that can be Internet based, we can have a business that does not require marketing of any kind, yet offers rewards greater than many Internet businesses can ever achieve.

For more information on this business plan, feel free to contactrepparttar 136265 author via email.

Rick Barnett builds and manages websites from high in the mountains of northern Washington state. His latest project is an online business that works without advertising, marketing, or promoting.

Online Business Myths You Must Avoid

Written by Hamad Kadmany

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And, there’s nothing Guaranteed! YES, it is garneted that if you followrepparttar system, be persistent and put effort, you will succeed. If you don’t, then you won’t!

4. Pyramid Schemes

A pyramid scheme is where an income is generated solely onrepparttar 136181 process of recruiting others intorepparttar 136182 business. Sometimesrepparttar 136183 pyramid is hidden within a product or service of a questionable value that is never related torepparttar 136184 general public, however, you are actually buyingrepparttar 136185 right to recruit others intorepparttar 136186 scheme. This is illegal.

There should be NO cost required to participate in recruiting new people and affiliates should be only paid on product movement and NEVER on recruiting.

5. “Must Buy Products to Maximize Your Income”

Many try to work you out with some math... “If you purchase this, you’ll get into that level, and then you’ll earn that money, then you’ll totally make...”

Allow me to be honest about this. I DO believe inrepparttar 136187 concept of “buying from your own store”. I do enjoy some ofrepparttar 136188 productsrepparttar 136189 business I’m in offers, because they are excellent and I was going to buy them anyway, so why would I buy them from my competitors?! But here’s whererepparttar 136190 BIG however comes in...

It’s OK if buying products would let you advance in your rank, but it must NOT berepparttar 136191 only way to achieve it. You should haverepparttar 136192 opportunity to advance in your rank according to your efforts ONLY. If buying products isrepparttar 136193 ONLY way you can advance in your rank, then it’s a fraud!

Real business opportunities are available inrepparttar 136194 online business minefield, but many bad apples DO exist as well. Make sure to do your homework. No matter how smooth those selling letters and websites are, make sure they are NOT conveying one of those myths. Make surerepparttar 136195 opportunity that you are considering is telling yourepparttar 136196 TRUTH without big void promises; otherwise, they are just wasting your time and your money.

Hamad Kadmany helps real people succeed online with his free newsletter, recognizing that you are a unique individual who deserves the best life has to offer. His business tells you the TRUTH in black and white and guides YOU to succeed online. If you want more from life, more of what you so richly deserve, visit him online at today!

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