No Just Means The Next Opportunity

Written by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

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say anything about us. "No" is simply a response from someone who isn't ready, able, or willing to commit to whatever we are asking of them. People are actually doing us a favor when they say, "No" because it frees us up to go and findrepparttar "Yes." Some people have a difficult time saying "No" and will unconsciously string us along without even realizing it. The person who can come right out and say "No" is doing us a great service. They are saving us time and energy by allowing us to seek out those who do want what we have to offer.

"No" gets you closer to "Yes." It is a numbers game. Make getting "No" a game. Challenge yourself to get as many "No's" as you can. The more "No's" that you getrepparttar 127322 better. Why, because each "No" gets you closer to "Yes." You might even want to count how many "No's" it takes to get a "Yes." This is a great marketing tool because you will know how many prospects it takes to get a "Yes."

Coach Lee, MS is an Int'l Business & Personal Coach with 17 years of corporate management experience. She is a faculty member at the Univ. of Phoenix, a trainer for CoachU, the Int'l Coach Academy & Colorado Free Univ. She is a published writer & quoted as an expert in coaching. She is currently earning a Doctorate Degree in Applied Management & Decision Sciences, specializing in Business Coaching.

How To Turn The Biggest Sceptics Into Eager Buyers

Written by Kris Mills

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4. Case studies

Give an example of a before and after situation relating to one of your clients. This helps build credibility and it also helps your reader picture themselves owningrepparttar product. For examples of case studies in action just click here

5. Comparison chart

Ifrepparttar 127321 features and benefits of your product are proven to be better than that of your competitors, use a comparison chart which illustrates this.

Your sales arsenal

So you're about to meet with a prospective client to sell them your products or services. You're fairly clear on what to say to them to excite them about doing business with you but unless you're in a position to ensure that they sign up onrepparttar 127322 spot or if there arerepparttar 127323 minute they leave your premises.

If your prospective client needs to go back and think about your proposition and/or if there's another decision maker involved, it's very important that you leave them with something that will ensure they stay excited about using your services. Not only that, it's also important thatrepparttar 127324 information they take away helps handle any objections they may have.

*Professional looking corporate profile which gives details of your company history, your products and services and most importantly,repparttar 127325 benefits of doing business with you. The more professional this document looks,repparttar 127326 more professional your company will look inrepparttar 127327 eyes of your prospect.

*What clients say ... a list of testimonials with punchy headlines (the morerepparttar 127328 better)

*Imagine getting results like these - a sharp list of results you've achieved for clients (a paragraph or two on each one)

*Client Success Stories - This is a more comprehensive case study document which gives a before and after picture.

*Quality colour copies of any press coverage you have received

*Frequently asked questions document which addressesrepparttar 127329 most common objections or fears felt by prospects

Kris Mills of Words that Sell is a seasoned copywriting professional and author of "How to Create a Sales Explosion With Every Ad and Letter You Write". More information on this popular guide can be found at, or check out more of Kris' many copywriting articles at

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