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Written by Jim Edwards

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I suggest starting out withrepparttar hosted version until you getrepparttar 145407 hang ofrepparttar 145408 system, then switch over to a version on your own server to avoidrepparttar 145409 monthly charges.

An online help desk operates fairly simply.

A customer submits a ticket through a form on your website,repparttar 145410 customer support staff (even if it's a staff of one) responds torepparttar 145411 ticket throughrepparttar 145412 website, and all communication gets posted on a private web page.

Both Kayako and Perldesk enable customers to search a "knowledgebase" or collection of articles to try solving their problems on their own (especially during non-business hours), thus frequently eliminatingrepparttar 145413 need to get a live response.

Anyone who does business online should consider installing a help desk solution fromrepparttar 145414 start rather than putting it off untilrepparttar 145415 future.

Get your customers conditioned to operating with a ticket system rather than switching on them in mid-stream once your business gets too busy to handle support via email.

Here are a couple of other tips to help you.

Designate one person to act asrepparttar 145416 "sorter" answeringrepparttar 145417 basic issues, then referring offrepparttar 145418 ones they can't answer to other staff members.

Also, post your help desk hours and stick to them.

Answer questionsrepparttar 145419 same day if possible, but no later thanrepparttar 145420 next business day.

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Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by- step and click-by-click how to finally create your own money-making mini-sites...

Website Protection

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Website security is now one ofrepparttar most demanded products by webmasters worldwide. Web page security from HTML Block is essential for your web pages if you have designs, graphics or code you wish to lock away from others. HTML Block has built-in special features which enables you to add security such as disable right click, disable text select, disable image toolbar, disable page caching, disable page printing, disable print screen, disable clipboard and that's onlyrepparttar 145202 start as it packed with many other features. Using free Javascripts which you can download are now no longerrepparttar 145203 way forward, as HTML Block encrypts all its code into unreadable code which is a much higher security level than ever before.

The live online encryption tool is coming soon... Hide Your Identity With HTML Blocks Anonymous E-mail System

Anonymous e-mail service from HTML Block is now being used by thousands of people from acrossrepparttar 145204 world to protect there real identity, withrepparttar 145205 ability to send others emails with any e-mail address of their choice. This service is far greater thanrepparttar 145206 other ‘fake email services’ you can find onrepparttar 145207 web, as you have full control over which IP addressrepparttar 145208 email comes from. Using this service can prevent viruses and spam reaching your inbox, which could harm or destroy data, information on your system. Inrepparttar 145209 worst case even allow others to get access to your personal information and grab information such as, usernames and passwords, home address and bank details. Buy HTML Block today and protect your identity and personal data.

Sounds interesting? Well HTML Block now allows visitors on this site to send as many anonymous emails as they wish fromrepparttar 145210 members area. If you are not currently a member you can get registered here free today. Key Features Built-in HTML Block

* Quick and easy HTML encryptor * Fast and ultra secure website security * Ability to send anonymous emails from your website * Over 15 different security features * Hide source code of your web pages * 24hour professional support from our experts * Free lifetime of software upgrades * Full overview of features which are included with HTMLBlock

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HTML Block now hasrepparttar 145211 latest Internet Toolbar which enables you to receive free updates, news headlines. Fast Internet search, with easy access torepparttar 145212 members area of HTML Block and generally a better internet experience. Downloadrepparttar 145213 HTML Block toolbar today free, clickrepparttar 145214 button below for more information and to download.

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