No Customer Left Behind

Written by Jim Edwards

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I suggest starting out withrepparttar hosted version until you getrepparttar 145244 hang ofrepparttar 145245 system, then switch over to a version on your own server to avoidrepparttar 145246 monthly charges.

An online help desk operates fairly simply.

A customer submits a ticket through a form on your website,repparttar 145247 customer support staff (even if it's a staff of one) responds torepparttar 145248 ticket throughrepparttar 145249 website, and all communication gets posted on a private web page.

Both Kayako and Perldesk enable customers to search a "knowledgebase" or collection of articles to try solving their problems on their own (especially during non-business hours), thus frequently eliminatingrepparttar 145250 need to get a live response.

Anyone who does business online should consider installing a help desk solution fromrepparttar 145251 start rather than putting it off untilrepparttar 145252 future.

Get your customers conditioned to operating with a ticket system rather than switching on them in mid-stream once your business gets too busy to handle support via email.

Here are a couple of other tips to help you.

Designate one person to act asrepparttar 145253 "sorter" answeringrepparttar 145254 basic issues, then referring offrepparttar 145255 ones they can't answer to other staff members.

Also, post your help desk hours and stick to them.

Answer questionsrepparttar 145256 same day if possible, but no later thanrepparttar 145257 next business day.

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Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by- step and click-by-click how to finally create your own money-making mini-sites...

Effective media relations – you won’t be talking to the media without it!

Written by Mark Croxford

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Media relations is also about: oputting out regular media releases on appropriate issues that catchrepparttar eye, with short paragraphs written in newspaper style, oactively providing comment on issues and or decisions, oknowing what builds or makes a story, and oknowing how to keep a story alive and when to let it go.

Usingrepparttar 145243 media effectively can help you win public support. Public support is critical when trying to convince others, such as government or bureaucracy ofrepparttar 145244 merit of a particular proposal or application. Once you’re comfortable talking torepparttar 145245 media you should take a proactive approach to your media relations. The benefits are well worth it inrepparttar 145246 long run.

If you’re not ready to manage your own media relations, but would like to work toward it, consider approaching a specialist inrepparttar 145247 field. They can provide advice or management as appropriate on media issues, help write media releases, distribute media releases, organise news conferences, facilitate one-on-one meetings with journalists, as well as deal with crisis and issues management.

Effective media relations can help you and your organisation develop a media profile. The benefit of a media profile becomes obvious when doors open wider for you within government, business andrepparttar 145248 community.

Mark Croxford advises clients from the government, private and corporate sectors on Government and Media Relations. He is a co-author of Talking to the Media. Talking to the Media teaches readers the skills and techniques they need to exploit the media’s strengths, limitations and demands. Don’t spend any money on media training until you’ve read Talking to the Media

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