No Boondoggle to Tie Foreign Aid to Recipients' Core Values

Written by Marc J. Lane

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The MCA concept breaks withrepparttar past. Public officials would be held to high conflict-of-interest standards. They would be required to disclose their assets sorepparttar 126022 potential for illicit enrichment is kept to a minimum.

Whistle-blowers would be protected from reprisals. Prosecutors and judges would be independent. And businesses would be forced to comply with laws banning bribery.

Butrepparttar 126023 bill, which was overwhelmingly passed byrepparttar 126024 U.S. House of Representatives on July 24, faces resistance inrepparttar 126025 Senate. Its critics argue that sincerepparttar 126026 MCA doesn't focus solely on economic development, it's doomed to become just another foreign aid failure.

And, truth be told,repparttar 126027 legislation will probably be tweaked to foster gender equality, protectrepparttar 126028 environment and pursue other worthwhile goals.

The futilitarian naysayers are dead wrong to insist thatrepparttar 126029 measure shouldn't do anything but directly stimulate economic development. The better view recognizes that any law must be true to America's core values.

Countries whose development strategies don't draw onrepparttar 126030 talent and ability of women are less likely to succeed and don't deserve our support. And only countries whose environmental practices are sound can offer investors a robust climate for commerce. Compelling foreign aid recipients to adopt enlightened, pro-growth policies is good politics and good business.

Marc Lane is a business and tax attorney, a Master Registered Financial Planner, a Registered Financial Consultant, and a Certified Investment Specialist. An Adjunct Professor of Law at Northwestern University and an Adjunct Professor of Business at the University of Illinois.

Of course everybody was innocent but...

Written by Slawek

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"In order to understand that game I had a long discussion with Grunbaum,repparttar chase leader, beforerepparttar 126021 trial. I remember that discussion very well. In his hysteria, demagogy and sick inclination toward blood and violence, Hitler resembled Grunbaum most,repparttar 126022 scope of available means beingrepparttar 126023 only. Grunbaum and other Jewish Nazis had to persecute and bully somebody Ė just like for Hitler, it wasrepparttar 126024 meaning of their lives Ė and they found a victim to correspond with their means, totally defenseless".†

Donít you think that in this critical moment of our thinking about ourselves and about those who, since 11th century, have been buildingrepparttar 126025 HISTORY and CULTURE of this Central European land, we should pull out these three letters written half a Century ago by a mason, Jerzy Stempowski, alias Hostowiec,repparttar 126026 mentor of Polish intellectuals?

Donít you think that those whom Finkelstein recently calledrepparttar 126027 "holocaust industry", and to whomrepparttar 126028 simpletons refer as "disneyland" ... would then happily retire bestowingrepparttar 126029 collected funds onrepparttar 126030 legal owner, Country of ISRAEL; glad that they have managed to preserverepparttar 126031 memory of one ofrepparttar 126032 most cruel events of our highly civilized 20th century ifrepparttar 126033 successors of Uncle Sam and papa Churchill went throughrepparttar 126034 list of their sins with us and with many others.† Donít you think that saying "WE APOLOGIZE" for our sins our CULTURE would RECEIVE APOLOGIES by those who survived beside us throughoutrepparttar 126035 centuries in friendship and argument, and sheltered them fromrepparttar 126036 awaiting extermination, atrepparttar 126037 same time remembering Tuwim, Grydzewski, Slonimski, also Christ, and many many others who have been contributing to it.† Donít you think we could finally, having gone through all this, put up a monument of a Good Jew to commemorate our and their memory?†

I wonder why, sincerepparttar 126038 first discussion in 1989 and through allrepparttar 126039 recent fuss, we contend against each other in apologizing and protesting. Why nobody cares to notice that Hostowiec could explain a lot?† So much for my writing Take care!†

†††††††††††††††††††††††††As always,†

† JA

Ps:† I must admit thatrepparttar 126040 ideas of Stempowski - Hostowiec are being noticed in our country. The authors and readers of "Rzeczpospolita" become more and more aware ofrepparttar 126041 fact how much harm we experienced from our neighbors and how much harm they experienced from us throughoutrepparttar 126042 centuries, that continuing to live together we should say after rabi Schudrich: "The time has come when if Jews want Poles to feel and understand our pain, we need to feel and understand their pain". "Werepparttar 126043 Jews have to admit that there wererepparttar 126044 Jews who servedrepparttar 126045 communists and even Hitler, who commited crimes against Poles and against Jews", "accusing Polish people of participating inrepparttar 126046 holocaust is a sin", and bishop Stanislaw Gadecki adds: "The thing is that until we people living here do not recognize each other as friends, our imagination will be susceptible to manipulating and anybody would be able to interpret reality according to their interests".


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