Nigerian Scam Warning

Written by Lynda Appell

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Here is an actual email that I believe is part of this terrible scam. I must assure you I did not answer this email. Telephone: 228084460

Dear Sir,

I am Akunor Rawlings, a cousin ofrepparttar former president ofrepparttar 127570 Federal Republic of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings, and I also held an appointment during his 10yrs in office asrepparttar 127571 General Manager in charge of Ministry of Solid Mineral such as Gold, Diamond, Bauxites etc.

During this 10yrs tenure, I managed to secure a large quantity of Gold and Diamond secretly before he handed over power to his successor Mr. John Kuffour. When he took over power, information got to me thatrepparttar 127572 new president is aware of this large deposit of Gold and Diamond that is in my possession, and because of this, I have to look for a way to dispose it.

To this end, I contacted a friend of mine in a neighboring Country Federal Republic of Togo, who helped me to sellrepparttar 127573 Gold and Diamond for a total of $18.5Million (Eighteen Million, Five Hundred United States Dollars), which is now deposited in a security company in Lome, Togo.

Because of my relationship asrepparttar 127574 cousin ofrepparttar 127575 former president ofrepparttar 127576 Federal Republic of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings, my Togolese friend suggested that we should move this entire fund Overseas to avoid being traced byrepparttar 127577 present Ghanaian president.

However, I am now asking you to be my partner in this transaction. Therefore, if you are interested, kindly contact me through my e-mail address or call me on my telephone number in Togo: 228084460 so that we can discuss onrepparttar 127578 modalities for a smooth transfer ofrepparttar 127579 entire fund into your nominated bank account Overseas.

For your participation, I will offer you 15% ofrepparttar 127580 entire fund but which is subject to negotiation.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to hearing from you so as to plan onrepparttar 127581 next line of action to execute this mutual beneficial transaction.

Yours sincerely,

Akunor Rawlings.

Disabled disability activist for over twelve years for local greater Philadelphia, disability groups.

Online Shopping - Protect Yourself & Never Be Scammed Again

Written by Butch Pujol

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3. Use A Credit Card

When buying online, always use a credit card. Why? It offersrepparttar most protection you can currently get online. If you experience credit card fraud, you're protected. If a company charges funds to your account and does not deliver, you're protected. If you can't reachrepparttar 127569 company for a return, etc... you're protected.

Other services, such as email payment services or traditional paper checks, don't offer any protection at all.

4. Secured Servers Only

When you enter a shopping cart, or other online payment system, be sure to check for one of two things. Just becauserepparttar 127570 Web site copy states thatrepparttar 127571 server is secured doesn't mean it is. Inrepparttar 127572 "address" line of your browser, you should see an address that begins with "httpS://". This "S" stands for secured and will not appear unlessrepparttar 127573 transaction is encrypted.

The other clue to look for is a gold lock inrepparttar 127574 lower, right-hand corner of your browser. This, too, lets you knowrepparttar 127575 transaction is secured.

5. Check Them Out

Finally, if you're at all suspicious ofrepparttar 127576 company, check them out withrepparttar 127577 Better Business Bureau or another consumer protection agency before buying. The extra time you spend with your investigation can pay off big in a savings of time and trouble later.

Always keep your eyes open when shopping online. By educating yourself inrepparttar 127578 area of consumer protection, you can greatly improve your ability to shop confidentially online. With a little precaution, your holiday shopping will be pleasant and trouble-free!

Butch Pujol is an online Consumer Advocate who helps you make the most of the Internet. Whether you're a business owner or a consumer, find out more about shopping safely online - and how to get your money back if you have already been scammed. Click here for more info.

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