Niche web sites do not have to be small.

Written by Ed Charkow

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I would start off with a review of Xarawebstyle4 (You can see a sample review here: ).

Now I wrote that to add content to another site, but it only took a few minutes, and Xara providedrepparttar graphics.

Since Xara has dozens of products, about 3 hours would give me an awesome website that is helpful and generates revenue. Once I hadrepparttar 135424 reviews all done, I could then start adding tips and tricks torepparttar 135425 websites. Or even review other websites that were using Xara to design their graphics.

If I wanted to promote other graphic programs that had affiliate programs it's an easy change to include them as well.

So you have a choice when your creating a niche website. You can put up a one page website that you will have to continually promote, or you can build a massive website that you can grow every day or every week. With some link building and basic SEO your larger niche site is going to give you more revenue for your effort, and be cheaper to promote.

This article was written by Ed Charkow of Stmadeveloper. Stmadeveloper creates large niche web sites for clients that are guaranteed. Find Stmadeveloper here:

How to promote your site and also make it sticky

Written by Jonathan White

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8.Do SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important factor to consider when designing your website. This is because in past research it shows that over about 85% of people use search engines first before using anything else to find what they are looking for online. So if your site has poor SEO then you will not do all that well withinrepparttar major search engines. If you do well with your sites SEO then you are likely to see some good results fromrepparttar 135394 major search engines. Some sites even receive most of their traffic fromrepparttar 135395 major search engines.

To make your site stickier you can:

4.Add games to your website

Adding games to your website is a very good way of making your site stickier. This is because a lot of people like to play games when they are either bored or have nothing much to do. is an example of a site that has got games added to it just so that it can increase its stickiness.

5.Add free reprint articles to your website If you find it hard to find content to add to your site to make it bigger or stickier then a good thing to consider is reprint articles. This is because these reprint articles can be added to your site for free and it makes your sites content larger, which can then increaserepparttar 135396 stickiness of your website. You can find some free reprint articles atrepparttar 135397 following categorized article directories:

6.Add features to your site that many others do not offer

You could look through a large amount of other sites to see what they have to offer. Once you have done that, you can then see what would be a good thing to add to your site in, which many of these other sites donít offer. For example, offers a product price comparison directory, which is a feature that many other sites acrossrepparttar 135398 web do not offer.

Doing something like this where many other sites donít offer it means that more people are likely to come to your site just to use it.

Jonathan White has been involved in online marketing for over three years now and is the Webmaster of where he also operates the free reprint articles directory at

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