Newsletters- A Win/Win Marketing Tool

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Whether you have writing talent or not is not an excuse for letting your site “grow old.” or not to take advantage of a great marketing tool. There are definitely places onrepparttar internet to help you out. Writers are not really doing it fromrepparttar 125056 goodness of their hearts, but yes, sometimes they do. They are also looking for exposure and far-reaching avenues that they may never haverepparttar 125057 opportunity to tap into. They may be selling a book, or some other commodity and needrepparttar 125058 exposure, just like you do. They have something of value to offer and so do you. You have subscribers that may never venture onto their sites, and therefore, your e-zine or newsletter is a great way to reach these people. Keeping your list of subscribers interested in your particular subject matter, product or service is made a lot easier with publishing a short, informative, yet pointed newsletter. If you stray too far offrepparttar 125059 beaten path of your particular subject, there is always that “unsubscribe” button. So, keep torepparttar 125060 subject, give them more features and facts, and you will have happy readers and repeat visitors.

Having a website and preparing an e-zine or newsletter is a win-win situation. You get fresh, new content andrepparttar 125061 writers get exposure. With a deal like this, both of you will travel down that internet avenue of success in your chosen fields. After all, isn’t this what friends are for? ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur

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False Dogma in Web Marketing

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Inrepparttar off-line direct marketing world, when you send a snail-mail offer a second time, a few people who didn’t respond torepparttar 125055 first mailing will buy. This can continue up torepparttar 125056 seventh mailing, although with fewer orders from each mailing.

Butrepparttar 125057 on-line audience is very different. On-line people have an extremely short attention span, and bore easily. They will scan your offer once, and either accept it or reject it. They don’t want to see your offer again. The second time they see your offer, their eyes will gloss over as they click away as fast as possible.

Instead of pushing your offer torepparttar 125058 same people seven times, put it in front of seven times as many people. Spreadrepparttar 125059 offer to as wide an audience as you can. Then radically modifyrepparttar 125060 offer (so it is unrecognizable asrepparttar 125061 original offer) and spread it wide again.

5. You need to establish personal relationships with your customers - FALSE!

Inrepparttar 125062 off-line world, it costs much more to find new customers than it costs to get new orders from past customers. Butrepparttar 125063 on-line world is very different. Onrepparttar 125064 Web, it costs aboutrepparttar 125065 same to find new customers as it does to get new orders from past customers.

The on-line world is impersonal. On-line people have an extremely short attention span and they bore very easily. They are not interested in yesterday’s news or yesterday’s contacts. If you contact a past on-line customer, they will consider it spam!

Instead of trying to establish personal relationships on-line, establish an on-line presence. Promote your Web site, publish a newsletter, publish ebooks, write and distribute articles. Let your customers find you - out there in cyberspace!

6. Sell “benefits” not “features” - FALSE!

Only a tiny percentage of people will buy based on benefits. This is because they already knowrepparttar 125066 benefits ofrepparttar 125067 particular product or service. The benefits arerepparttar 125068 reason why they are inrepparttar 125069 market for a particular product or service. To buy, they need to know the

features of your specific offering.

For example, having a web site will increase profits and reduce costs for a business. These are some ofrepparttar 125070 benefits of having a web site. But advertising those benefits will not sell your web development service. To buy,repparttar 125071 prospective customer needs to know what features your specific web development service has to offer.

Instead of selling benefits, tell prospective customers what features make your product or service better or unique compared to other offerings available.

Of course, if your product or service has no better or unique features to offer - sell benefits.

7. Using a P.O. box makes your business look “unprofessional” - FALSE!

If using a P.O. box makes a business look unprofessional, then why do so many major corporations use P.O. boxes? If you have an office outside your home, then go ahead and use that address.

But if your business is in your home, NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR HOME ADDRESS. Do you want some lunatic who is dissatisfied with your business showing up at your house with a gun? If you think this world is safe enough to be using your home address in your advertising and business correspondence, then stop reading this. Go back to reading your Winnierepparttar 125072 Pooh fairytales.

Don’t put yourself and your family in danger. When I see a small business using a P.O. box, I think “this business person is intelligent and professional”.

8. There is a lot more bad marketing advice out there.

I can’t expose allrepparttar 125073 bad marketing advice out there in this one article. So instead of followingrepparttar 125074 next bad marketing idea that you read, take a moment to think it through. Always be skeptical about any marketing advice you read - including what you just read in this article. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 125075 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to ----------------------------------------------------------


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