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Written by BB Lee

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2. An easily amused individual repeatedly fills in an auto responder form on your web-site with fake names and email addresses, causing corresponding email to bounce like a rubber ball all over cyber-space. Meanwhile, his IP address is happily captured byrepparttar auto responder numerous times. Making it easy to identify and report.

1. An individual sends angry email torepparttar 124329 newsletter address requesting immediate removal fromrepparttar 124330 list. They never requestedrepparttar 124331 newsletter. You, like me, run a double opt-in list. The only way for any one to receive a copy ofrepparttar 124332 newsletter is to personally enter their name and email address on a form onrepparttar 124333 website or send an email torepparttar 124334 listserver. Then, they will receive a confirmation email, which they must answer, to be added torepparttar 124335 list. You, like me, do not personally sign up individuals. But, you bite your tongue or deleterepparttar 124336 expletives in your mind and manually removerepparttar 124337 email address from your list when they could have easily removed their email address by clicking onrepparttar 124338 unsubscribe link included in every issue. (But that would requirerepparttar 124339 ability to click a link and perhaps a fully formed thumb.)

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Formatting Your Ezine

Written by windsong

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When creating your ezine, always use a text editor such as notepad. Do not use Word to compose your ezine. You will have more problems than you want to deal with. It will lose all formatting when you paste it intorepparttar email composition window.

So to summarize... follow these simple rules:

1. Always use a fixed or monospaced font.

2. Do not userepparttar 124328 tab key to align lines of text.

3. Always insert a hard break atrepparttar 124329 end of each line.

4. Keep your line lengths to a maximum of 65 characters.

5. Always use a simple text editor.

If you follow these rulesrepparttar 124330 majority of your subscribers will receive your ezine formatted as you intended it.

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