New site and Sandbox: How to get rid of it.

Written by Amitabh Shukla

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Start a PPC campaign

Get traffic from PPC campaign starting from Google Adwords and you could get instant traffic fromrepparttar day you launched your site. You could work on your budget and come up with a figure where you could make some money after spending on Pay per click. Inrepparttar 137380 mean time, you could makerepparttar 137381 list of keywords, which works, for you inrepparttar 137382 Adwords campaign and incorporate them into your site.

Add new pages

Get into habit of adding minimum of 1 content rich page to your site every day. This will not only prepare your site for higher traffic but also get your site crawled by search engines regularly. This could bring your site out of sandbox faster.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Fix Your OnPage!

Written by Farid Aziz

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A wrong thing to do is performing unnecessary keyword-filling! This could make your site banned by search engines. An example of unnecessary keyword-filling is by putting hidden texts all over your webpage. Did it ever cross your mind? Well don't do that silly thing!

Also don't fill your meta tag, alt image tag, or title tag with keywords. You will get caught and your site will be banned for this!

After all, there is another important factor that has a huge impact on your site's ranking in search engines. It'srepparttar OffPage Optimization. I'll write about it in another article!

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