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(Honest Title) Why Men Don’t Like Chick Flicks

Written by Martin Winer

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dismisses it as: “You expect me to tellrepparttar truth about my life torepparttar 110058 most indiscreet man in England?” This is an example of terrible writing where repparttar 110059 writers dig themselves out of a whole by floating torepparttar 110060 top in syrup. Why didn’t she just answerrepparttar 110061 fellow actor with “He’s a friend” and leave it at that? Why does Grant have to put up with such behaviour and accept such lame excuses? Of course, in tradition with all Grant films, he accepts repparttar 110062 explanation and leads up to: 2) The grand apology. It seems a new trend inrepparttar 110063 effeminized America to haverepparttar 110064 leading male prancing around apologizing. In every Grant movie there is a huge apology where he apologizes to some horribly behaved woman to get her love. Watching Grant wince his eyes and beg forgiveness having committed no wrong, aside from his selection in screenplays, is like fingernails onrepparttar 110065 chalkboard forrepparttar 110066 male audience. Ross (from Friends) and Grant (in every movie) always apologize for no apparent reason, and in fact, often apologize for not apologizing. Perhapsrepparttar 110067 only real apology in such films should be an on screen cameo byrepparttar 110068 screenplay writers apologizing for overly syrupy content. Looking atrepparttar 110069 movie script:, Men apologize some 23 times compared to 8 times for their female counterparts. The male lead Grant apologizes some 12 times, compared to Julia Roberts apologizing a mere 3 times. Somewhere aroundrepparttar 110070 10th apology, women inrepparttar 110071 audience are becoming enraptured while their male counterparts are wondering whenrepparttar 110072 next episode inrepparttar 110073 Star Wars saga will premier so they can watch a movie where men can proudly wield their light sabers and offer no apology in so doing.

Martin Winer is a computer scientist by day, owning and a comedian by night.

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