New financing options offer second chances to homebuyers.

Written by Mike Katz

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This program is detailed on their websites at

With creativity and a second chance in mind they have since come up with many option such as “owner financing” that requires only a meager downpayment inrepparttar range of 10% ofrepparttar 146961 home cost and conveys ownership immediately with no bank qualification required. This program is excellent for self employed parents and families.

A new twist torepparttar 146962 concept of honest work for honest pay isrepparttar 146963 newest option offered to Charlotte residents of “work for equity”. This program has employed many a skilled worker in improvingrepparttar 146964 home they live in for equity towardrepparttar 146965 ownership ofrepparttar 146966 home. Thousands can be accrued inrepparttar 146967 first year toward a down payment or total price of a Charlotte area home.

All these options come at a time when homes are selling fast and property prices have made ownership a staple in a long-term investment plan. With hopes of helping more Charlotte and Lake Norman area neighbors escape rental circles and find a way to build equity, TC Properties Group and Ncown have learned from buyers and home shoppers to help find new ways to help honest families own homes in Charlotte.

Visit NCown rent to own homes or for new programs as they develop or visit Greg at Lake norman real estate agent for all your area real estate agent needs.

Mike Katz is an investor and webmaster for TCProperties in Charlotte NC.

The Philosopy of Achievement

Written by Joe Trevison MBA CPA

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He then put part of it in his famous book: Think and Grow Rich

The great part of this is that people have gotten rich withrepparttar 13 Principles in: Think and Grow Rich.

I am not going to giverepparttar 146942 list here, instead I am going to give links torepparttar 146943 book: Think and Grow Rich and another list I put together aboutrepparttar 146944 17 Principles.

Decide what is best for you:

Now forrepparttar 146945 17 Principles:

If you have any problems with these downloads, please contact me at: If you are in business you want to check this out, my friend:

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