New Year's Resolutions for Your Home Business

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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to their paper journals. "Accumulated tapes blowrepparttar IRS away in an audit," he says. You can find some nice shareware for tracking auto expenses at: < > Resolution #3: Get Your Accounts in Order If you've put off getting a business bank account or installing that new accounting package, this isrepparttar 117920 best time ofrepparttar 117921 year to start. Remember that a separate bank account is one ofrepparttar 117922 factorsrepparttar 117923 IRS uses when deciding if your home enterprise is a business and entitled to business-related tax deductions. (Other factors are whether you have business cards and stationery, have advertised or can document that you've been trying to generate business). For more tax advice, visit our friend, Eva Rosenberg (akarepparttar 117924 TaxMama) at: < > Resolution #4: Provide Better Customer Service Vow to answer your email in a timely manner, change your business voice mail on a daily basis, and treat your customers as you would like to be treated. For more suggestions on growing your business with good customer service, go to: < > Resolution #5: Update your Business and Marketing Plans You can't get to your destination without a roadmap, and these are your guides to business success. For specific suggestions, go to: < > Resolution #6: Make Time for Yourself Home-based entrepreneurs are often running in several different directions - all at once. They shift gears atrepparttar 117925 drop of a child's skinned knee, only to shift right back when a client calls. Many who work at home are so busy taking care of their families and businesses that they overlookrepparttar 117926 most important ones of all: Themselves. Vow this year to give yourself a few hours each week to do something just for you - be it exercise, coffee with friends, a bargain matinee -- or anything else that you enjoy. To paraphraserepparttar 117927 late Dr. Seuss: These things are fun and fun is good...This year is gone, this year was fun and next year is another one!

Donna Schwartz Mills writes about the specific needs of work at home parents at her website, The ParentPreneur Club "For Parents Who Want Choices, Not Office Politics." The latest news, tips, and tools you need to help grow your home based business while raising a family. < > Subscribe to our weekly newsletter: < >

Make Money This Holiday Season; Don’t Just Spend It

Written by Liz Folger

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Then there arerepparttar people who cannot stop baking duringrepparttar 117919 holidays. Are yourepparttar 117920 type of person who finds that atrepparttar 117921 close ofrepparttar 117922 season, all of your neighbors’ refrigerators and cookie jars are bursting atrepparttar 117923 seams because baking is just your thing? Believe it or not, this is notrepparttar 117924 favorite activity of some people.

Stacy Robinson has found that A Holiday Home Boutique is a fun way to network with others who provide a holiday-related product or service. Each vendor displays her product or information about her service, and friends and neighbors are invited to come to shop and share fellowship.

“As a cake decorator, I sell gingerbread houses, as well as display and serve a holiday-themed decorated cake - whichrepparttar 117925 hostesses love because this becomes part ofrepparttar 117926 refreshments! Visitors torepparttar 117927 boutique get a chance to taste and see my cakes, and I take orders for holiday party cakes. I also display a few ‘dummy cakes’ to showcase my designs for birthdays, weddings, etc.” The niche market that has been Stacy’s holiday bread and butter since 1991 is selling gingerbread houses to real estate agents. She leaves a gingerbread house with order information in large real estate offices for a few days. She also offers free delivery torepparttar 117928 real estate office, or delivery for a fee to their home-buying customers and other colleagues, such as mortgage brokers, closing attorneys, etc.


These are just a few ideas you can use to make a little extra cash this holiday season. Use your imagination. Remember, people are more than willing to spend money for that special gift and holiday service. Why can’t you berepparttar 117929 one who pockets that money? This is such a great time of year to make your business work. Another great reason to consider this type of seasonal work: If you plan it right, you shouldn’t be working too close to or onrepparttar 117930 actual holiday. Being your own boss has never sounded better, now has it? Start thinking now if you want this to be seasonal work, or if you want to continue your business intorepparttar 117931 new year. All ofrepparttar 117932 business ideas I listed above can be run throughoutrepparttar 117933 year. This could berepparttar 117934 start of something very profitable!

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Ebooks are available on each ofrepparttar 117935 subjects listed above, and each ebook contains more information on starting that particular business. They include:

* Bizy’s Guide To: Making Snugglies! A Step-by-Step Guide to Making and Starting Your Own Fleece Blanket Business - By Cinda Louden * Bizy’s Guide To: How to Create a Profitable Cake Decorating Business “From Scratch” - By Stacy Robinson * Bizy’s Guide To: Making Money With Online Auctions - By Colleen Wallace * Bizy’s Guide To: Starting Your Own Personalized Letter Service For Kids - By Tamaira Sandifer * Bizy's Guide on How to Start and Operate A Home-Based T-Shirt Business - By Kimberly Banfield Moya * Bizy’s Guide To: Starting a Rubber Stamping Business - By Melissa Duquette You can purchase any of these ebooks at:!1001

Liz Folger is a work-at-home expert and author of "The Stay-at-Home Mom's Guide To Making Money From Home." Her book is available at your favorite bookstore, such as or by calling 800-632-8676. Liz has also created a resource site for work-at-home parents at When you visit, don't forget to sign-up for the free Bizymoms newsletter.

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