New Type of e-Comerce Search Engine on the Block

Written by John Jones

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This is a tool for e-commerce. It is not intended to replace existing search engines or email permissive marketing techniques, it solves a problem these facilities are not very good at. It enables users to declare their intentions and enough about themselves so they are self- qualified atrepparttar moment they make a search - and it enables you to reach them at just this key moment. Isn't this what you want to do?

Forrepparttar 109068 user, they remain completely anonymous, they are simply looking forrepparttar 109069 virtual people who are just like themselves. We don't need to know their name, address or anything at all that can be used to identify them personally. The vexed privacy issue in target marketing is nicely sidestepped. There is no data collection or tracking involved. We know everyone but no one!

So take a new look at your web site. If you know who your customers are you now can think more about what you want to tell them - individually - in depth, they want to know. If, however, you don't know who your customers are then you have a perfect way of finding out. Your page stats will reflectrepparttar 109070 distribution of people visiting, helping you to focus on repeat sales and lifetime custom. The possibilities are enormous andrepparttar 109071 costs are trivial. I will be looking closer at both of these in follow up articles.

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To Buy Or Not To Buy: Avoiding False Promises

Written by Katie Bauer

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Another terrific way to use communication as a tool in determiningrepparttar benefits of a product, BEFORE you purchase it, is to readrepparttar 109067 testimonials. If you don't find any, send an email and ask for them. You may even be able to send an email directly to one ofrepparttar 109068 customers who wrote a testimonial. Or, perhaps you recognize a name or two included inrepparttar 109069 list of testimonials. If you trust those individuals,repparttar 109070 mere fact that they expressed their approval ofrepparttar 109071 product or service may be enough proof for you to make your decision.

I now use these methods consistently. Of course, I learnedrepparttar 109072 hard way and wasted a little more money than I would have liked, but we grow with our mistakes. If you ever have a question about a product or service being offered online, utilizerepparttar 109073 old fashioned method of one-on-one communication. Obtain more information so you are able to make an educated decision about whetherrepparttar 109074 item is worthrepparttar 109075 expense based onrepparttar 109076 benefits you will gain. Don't be fooled by catchy, intriguing advertisements. With practice, anyone can write an ad that will have you ordering before you know what happened.

Byrepparttar 109077 way, even though most of us will be honest about products or services we offer, you may still get duped. In this case, don't just get frustrated and tack it on as another scam you fell for - COMMUNICATE! Emailrepparttar 109078 author with your questions and concerns. However, don't spend too much time on this task because you may not get any answers. At least you voiced your opinion and didn't allow that "I got tricked" feeling to dampen your spirits. As you improve those communication skills you'll be less likely to fall for a trick inrepparttar 109079 first place.

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