"New Trend Shows Domain Branding More Important Than Ever Before."

Written by Wayne Ford

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Put simply a quality, short, memorable domain will always lead to an increase in sales.

Nobody knows this better that large corporations who have spend millions on solid brandable domain names. In one famous example venture capitalists in California paid $7.5 million to acquire Business.com. Even forsalebyowner.com fetched $835,000.

A little off topic but still interesting, is Ex-marine Darryl Pollock who registeredrepparttar domain IraqiFreedom.com and has received offers intorepparttar 108294 thousands (Note: He has been qouted saying that if he were contacted byrepparttar 108295 pentagon he would 'completely cooperate with them.')

Crazy isn't? But big business knows that these domains are worth because that domain will bring in sales for years and years to come. They can build it, promote it, brand it and it will work for them forever. Even two word, hyphenated domains are grabbing some pretty prices, checkout these recent Afternic and Ebay sales:

Internetbank.com $92,800 E-Privacy.com $35,080 eloans.net $6,060 Ez-HomeLoans.com $4,725 venture-capital.net $14,510 officetravel.com $2,625 qalaxycafe.com $1,890

When you are marketing your site, business, product, service, you must be seen, heard and remembered by your audience. Consumers are bombarded with messages all day every where they travel. You must stand out andrepparttar 108296 most cost effective way to do this is logical domain branding.

So what domains are memorable and what makes a domain brandable?

Find out and see examples in Part 2 of our special domain branding articles series.

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Great Domainia. Domain Registration Service

Written by Borislav Kovachev

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If you’re thinking about starting or expanding a business opportunity onrepparttar Internetrepparttar 108293 time is NOW. The first step is to register your business name, even before you complete a website.

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