New Technology in Diamond Properties Analysis

Written by Laura Ciocan

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Diamondsí appearance differ when observed in diffuse/ambient light conditions. Strong light conditions emphasize fire and scintillation whereas in softer lightrepparttar optical symmetry is emphasised more.

Unlike BrillianceScope, Isee2 performs its analysis in diffuse light conditions. Diamonds that perform well on Isee2 analysis will look smashing in softer light conditions. Ifrepparttar 124182 diamond is well graded onrepparttar 124183 BrillianceScope it will look stunning in direct light conditions.

This technology facilitatesrepparttar 124184 choice decision by permitting buyers to be convinced ofrepparttar 124185 qualities of a stone all by themselves withoutrepparttar 124186 help of a layman.

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"Chemistry"do we need it to FALL in Love?

Written by Jill Rhodes-Harvey

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The chemical that results from this attraction (and intensifies it) is phenylethylamine - or PEA. It is a naturally occurring substance inrepparttar brain,and within a matter of seconds it kicks in to action on first meeting,providing afterrepparttar 124181 initial photo blue print of that person meets and matches all our conscious and sub-conscious requirements..

Essentially, it is a natural amphetamine. It stimulates us and increases both physical and emotional energy. The attraction causes us to produce more PEA, which results in those dizzying feelings associated with romantic love. Another substance that is released by PEA is dopamine. This chemical increases a desire to be physically close and intimately connected.

When these chemicals are being secreted in larger doses, they send signals fromrepparttar 124182 brain torepparttar 124183 other organs ofrepparttar 124184 body. If you wonder why you or someone is attracted torepparttar 124185 "wrong" person, it may be because you are high onrepparttar 124186 physical response to these substances, which overwhelm your ability to use your head and exercise "good judgment and common sense".

"Spiritual affinity" develops over time with repeated contact. When these feelings begin to emerge,repparttar 124187 brain produces endorphins. These are more like morphine and result in an increased sense of calm that reduces anxiety and helps to build attachment. Generally speaking, all "soul mate relationships" require at least some measure of each of these. The important thing to remember is that they come in stages, which is not to say thatrepparttar 124188 physical attraction passes as one moves into a deeper connection. However, it changes. We cannot sustain those intense emotions as we travel downrepparttar 124189 road to commitment and a shared life. Although, in healthy relationships those moments of intensity can and do occur for brief intervals at intermittent times. Remember not to confuse great sex or deep friendship with romantic love. Instead, look for a measure of both of these in your feelings for another. For then you haverepparttar 124190 ingredients that lasting love is made from.

Reasons why we want to fall in love...

Because that experience makes us feel completely alive, where every sense is heightened, and every emotion is magnified. Our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying intorepparttar 124191 heavens. It may only last a moment, an hour, or an afternoon, but that doesn't diminish its value, because we are left with memories that we treasure forrepparttar 124192 rest of our lives..

Good Luck!

Jill Rhodes-Harvey

Jill Rhodes-Harvey voluntary relationship counsellor now running her own introduction agency in oxfordshire. Should you like any advice or a listening ear please contact me at

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