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Written by Lee Traupel

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DigiPortal is effectively acting as a trusted middleman in a process that reminds me of PGP (“Pretty Good Privacy”)repparttar defacto industry standard e-mail security application that incorporates a similar process via a key held by a trusted third party. Your ostensibly guaranteed never to receive any Spam based e-mail as spammers will never receive your e-mail, let alone reply to it – most use automated systems that have no human intervention inrepparttar 132738 process. It’s relatively painless for you to manage new contacts - if your receiving in-bound e-mails from a new a person (contact) that you have no existing relationship with it’s easy to accept his/her request to reach you andrepparttar 132739 software also automatically updates your permission list.

ChoiceMail is an elegant solution that works well, is easy to use and solves a problem very cost effectively. There are a few hiccups withrepparttar 132740 software – but, these are minor when you considerrepparttar 132741 significant benefits ofrepparttar 132742 product and assumingrepparttar 132743 company will broaden its support for other applications inrepparttar 132744 near term. At present DigiPortal only works with standard ISPs such as Earthlink, ATT, etc. and with specific desktop clients including Outlook Express and Eudora – no web-based e-mail services (HotMail or Yahoo mail) work withrepparttar 132745 software yet and there is no support for AOL at present. My biggest complaint is that they don’t support a standard Outlook e-mail - you have to manually import your contact list from Outlook, which can be painstaking depending onrepparttar 132746 number of recipients in your address book. And, their initial focus is onrepparttar 132747 small business user or consumer, as they offer no support at present forrepparttar 132748 corporate enterprise.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications,Inc., a marketing services company. Reprinted with permission from Intelective Communications - this article may be reprinted freely, providing this attribution box remains intact.

De-Spam Your Inbox: "How to Fight the Spam War and Win!"

Written by Merle

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5) SpamKiller:

SpamKiller was recently purchased by Mcafee Software. who makesrepparttar award winning virus software. Works with POP based email accounts and will run you 39.95. Like most Spam filtering software, it checks for new email and possible Spam on your server before downloading it to your email client. Filters are automatically updated and you can create your own custom filters. You can also lodge complaints with spammers and their hosts from withinrepparttar 132737 interface. Supports Win 95/98/NT/ ME/2000 or XP.


Works with POP email accounts and includes its own email porn filtering utility. Does not support AOL or Hotmail accounts.

7) SpamWeasel:

Free software that supports multiple email accounts. Spam Weasel uses powerful rules to identify Spam and permits a range of user defined actions like blocking and deleting. Easy to Install and use.

8) Spamex:

Spamex offers disposable email addresses so you keep your real address off spammers' lists. Mail sent to repparttar 132738 fake address is then forwarded to your real email account. As soon asrepparttar 132739 disposable account starts picking up Spam and being abused you can delete it and create a new one. 19.95 a year.

9) ChoiceMail:

A Spam blocking system that's based onrepparttar 132740 fact that most incoming mail is Spam unlessrepparttar 132741 sender has obtained your permission to email you. You may preapprove senders from your address book. When an unauthorized email is sent to you, its sender is forced to fill out a form stating why he should be allowed to communicate with you. Then it's your choice whether or not to receive messages from him.

Supports POP accounts and runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP, 98, ME. It does not currently work with web-based email systems such as HotMail, Juno or Yahoo or with MSN or AOL's proprietary email. Currently offering a 2-week trial of their service, or buy it for 39.95.

10) Spam Arrest:

Another service that blocksrepparttar 132742 junk before it can hit your inbox. All email goes through their server first, and ifrepparttar 132743 sender is already a "verified source" their mail travels to you seamlessly. If they are not, you'll need to add them to your approval list to make sure you continue to receive their emails without any interruption.

Spam Arrest works on Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Incredimail, and any other email program that supportsrepparttar 132744 POP3 protocol. Free 30 day trial is available and if you like itrepparttar 132745 price is only 19.95 every 6 months.

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Let's face it. You can't wage your own personal war on Spam and win, but you can reclaim your own inbox by incorporating software that only allows "real" mail to come through. So choose your weapon and prepare for battle by protecting what's rightfully yours -- your Inbox.

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