New RecoveryPets.Com Tag Services Provide A Sense Of Security

Written by Thaddeus Collins

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RecoveryPets.Com provides their registered pet owners a location to place their contact information prior to a pet being lost, which will save them time inrepparttar recovery effort, plus it increasesrepparttar 141741 chances of a quick return. So, a listing ofrepparttar 141742 pets complete description, a full color photograph, along with up to ten methods to contactrepparttar 141743 owner isrepparttar 141744 base ofrepparttar 141745 services provided by this company. Along with this service they providerepparttar 141746 pet ownerrepparttar 141747 ability to update their contact information free forrepparttar 141748 life ofrepparttar 141749 pet.

Providing a sense of security that if a registered owners pet is lost they will have a better than average chance of being returned inrepparttar 141750 first six hours isrepparttar 141751 mission of all pet recovery services. But, a pet tag along withrepparttar 141752 services provided by companies like RecoveryPets.Com can make this low-tech devicerepparttar 141753 new revolution in pet recovery. For more information aboutrepparttar 141754 services provided by pet recovery companies visit:

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of RecoveryPets.Com a company that specializes in the global recovery of lost pets using a unique tracking number that is registered on the companies website, and can be searched if the pet becomes lost. For more information visit

Feline Obesity

Written by M. Nikole Hunn

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Gettingrepparttar Weight Off

If your cat is more than a little overweight,repparttar 141740 first thing you need to do is make an appointment with your veterinarian. There are a few medical reasons for gross obesity that require veterinary care to fix. Barring a medical problem causingrepparttar 141741 condition, your vet should monitor your obese cat's health as you restrict calories. Strict dieting can be deadly to obese cats. Do not just drastically cut down on her food and hoperepparttar 141742 weight will melt off. Obese cats who are suddenly deprived of food are prone to Fatty Liver Syndrome, which can be fatal if untreated. Weight loss should be a gradual process -repparttar 141743 natural result of a healthier diet and a more active life.

Most cats are not so grossly obese that they need medical care to supervise their weight loss. Most are simplyrepparttar 141744 result of an unhealthy lifestyle where they consume too many calories, are too inactive, and eatrepparttar 141745 wrong kinds of food (pretty much just like overweight people). Addressing these problems will result inrepparttar 141746 weight gradually reducing to a healthy number. Try these tips.

*Buy premium food. Many inexpensive brands don't use quality ingredients and use far too many fillers. The nutrients are not as digestible, thus aren't bioavailable (they just pass right throughrepparttar 141747 system). The cat eats more to compensate.

*Feed portioned meals at regular mealtimes. Cats will eat out of boredom, just like people. They may also compete for food in a multi-cat home. Feedrepparttar 141748 portion recommended onrepparttar 141749 food packaging, dividing into two or three feedings daily (barring any medical condition requiring a different feeding schedule). Separate your cats in your multiple-cat household if necessary. Leaverepparttar 141750 food down for 30-40 minutes, then take it up. You eat meals at mealtime. So can your cat.

*Feed wet food in addition to or instead of dry. Cats are meant to eat meat. Dry foods tend to have far too many carbohydrates (not very digestible) and not nearly enough water and protein. The wet food, high in protein and fat, satisfiesrepparttar 141751 cat's hunger better and is used more efficiently byrepparttar 141752 body. If your cat likes wet food, feedrepparttar 141753 wet only. If she isn't all that crazy about it, give her half her calories as dry and half as wet. If you're just starting out, even a quarter of her calories coming from wet food is a start.

*Skiprepparttar 141754 treats. Food should not be equated with love. Once your cat is down to a healthy weight, an occasional treat is fine, but until then, try using praise, play time, catnip, and other rewards to show how much you enjoy your companion.

*Integrate activities other than eating intorepparttar 141755 routine. Your cat was made to be an active being - one that hunted for food, competed for territory, stayed safe from predators, stayed warm inrepparttar 141756 winter, cool inrepparttar 141757 summer, ranged for mates, and raised young. Now that cats are kept as indoor pets, they need activity to be provided for them. Get some interactive and automated toys for your cat. Play chase with her - get her to chase you from room to room by dragging a cat toy behind you. Get her a big cat tree and hide interesting things such as catnip pieces in it, especially towardsrepparttar 141758 top where she needs to climb to get to. Plant a little container of cat grass and secure it torepparttar 141759 top. Be creative, but get her thinking and moving. Playing with your cat reduces stress levels - for both of you!

Keeprepparttar 141760 Weight Off

Don't get lazy once your cat can actually jump ontorepparttar 141761 couch without effort. A healthy weight is all about lifestyle. Maintainrepparttar 141762 feeding regimen, don't start feeding a lot of extra treats, and keep uprepparttar 141763 activity levels. Spending a little time to get your cat to a healthy weight will help your cat live a longer, happier life.

M. Nikole Hunn is a freelance writer in her spare time, in between coding, tripping over cats, and cleaning hair off the couch. Her main site can be seen at

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