New Option for Brides

Written by Anthony Chisom

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In addition to wedding planning, Anthony Chisom Interiors has also done floral design work for many special events including: John Vega Salon Grnad Opening, The Visual Arts Coaliton of Dallas 1st Annual Fundraising Event, 500 Inc, in additon to several others.

Anthony Chisom Interiors invites you in to select a special gift for someone or come in and discuss your plans for your upcoming Wedding or Event.

Anthony Chisom Interiors also believes in giving back torepparttar community by giving ten percent of all profits to The John Philp Thompson Foundation for Brain Cancer Research.

Call us today 214-542-1626.

Anthony Chisom was born in 1969

Divorce--When "Forever" Is Just Too Long

Written by Larry Denton

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Most people looking for a divorce attorney are in a state of shock. They are in grief similar to what is felt withrepparttar death of a loved one; it is a death of sorts,repparttar 122006 death of a marriage. Choosingrepparttar 122007 right lawyer can be a daunting task, but this one decision can determinerepparttar 122008 outcome of your divorce and, indeed, your future life. An uncontested, or no-fault divorce, can be dealt with quickly and cheaply if both partners agree to separate amicably. Unfortunately, this is seldomrepparttar 122009 case.

Many specifics of a divorce settlement are likely to get ugly. Child custody, visitation rights, property ownership, alimony, child support payments, attorney costs--all of these are going to be difficult roadblocks. Divorce is not easy for anyone. When you lose a limb, even when it is numb from nerve damage, it is still a difficult loss.

The dissolution of a marriage can often leave people in a state of confusion and despair. Often, people tend to make irrational and impartial decisions whether it be entering into a new relationship too soon, having a continual series of "one-night" stands, or making large financial purchases--like a new sports car or palatial home. Try to avoid alcohol and illegal drugs. Being in such an emotionally vulnerable state, it can be easy to fall victim to addictive behaviors.

Make a conscious effort to look forward, not backward. Do not be judgmental or angry at your ex-spouse or yourself. A divorce is not a sign of weakness or failure. It isrepparttar 122010 end of a relationship that simply did not work out. Let time healrepparttar 122011 wounds as you begin to create a new life for yourself. None ofrepparttar 122012 suggestions offered here will relieve your pain immediately, but they can help. Remember, tips only work if they are used.

Larry Denton is a retired history teacher having taught 33 years at Hobson High in Hobson, Montana. He is currently Vice President of Elfin Enterprises, Inc., an Internet business dedicated to providing valuable information and resources on a variety of topics. For a court room full of additional information to guide you through this grueling and painful process please visit

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