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Written by Intersoft Lab

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Why ContourCube?

The five advantages that differ ContourCube from other OLAP tools and make itrepparttar best choice amongrepparttar 107864 competing products are: Simplicity and low price The developer can embed OLAP functionality into her system just in a couple of days. Users can adopt its intuitive interface in half an hour. Regardless ofrepparttar 107865 number of users its price remains constant. High performance In internal OLAP benchmark results, data volumes processed by ContourCube are ten times as much as those processed by other OLAP components. Moreover, up to certain volumes, ContourCube operates even more quickly thanrepparttar 107866 OLAP server does. There are no architectural constraints in ContourCube, more RAM and higher CPU clock rate increase its capabilities. Rich analytical capability ContourCube encompasses not only standard algorithms, such asrepparttar 107867 Sum and Average functions, but also more than a dozen of statistics functions, such as Dispersion, Average Deviation, to name but a few. Multidimensional sorting, true multidimensional ranking, andrepparttar 107868 Last algorithm expandrepparttar 107869 usage ofrepparttar 107870 OLAP tool and make data presentation much more clear and useful. New concept of mobile microcube The MOLAP technology provided by ContourCube significantly differs from traditional conceptions. By replacing preliminary aggregation with special indexing and compressing data intorepparttar 107871 saved file,repparttar 107872 ContourCube microcube saves data as compactly as possible, thus enabling calculations onrepparttar 107873 fly and reducingrepparttar 107874 microcubeís volume. As a result, large databases can be published onrepparttar 107875 Web, delivered by email. Besides, ContourCube microcube saves not only data but also metadata that defines bothrepparttar 107876 structure of a multidimensional database, calculation algorithms and allrepparttar 107877 details ofrepparttar 107878 end-userís interface. Therefore,repparttar 107879 microcube can be considered a full-fledged analytical application that can be presented and modified by various programs equipped with ContourCube. This is similar to an Excel book containing both data and its interface definition or how a jpeg-file can be viewed through different applications. Because ContourCube can readrepparttar 107880 microcubeís data viarepparttar 107881 http protocol, microcubes can be used for publishing any financial and statistical data via Internet.

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Build Your Own Computer : What to Look for in a Case

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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* Drive bays

The minimum drive bay requirement is; one 5.25 inch external bay, one 3.5 inch external bay; and one 3.5 inch internal bay. This allows you install a CD-ROM drive, a floppy drive, and a hard disk drive.

However, I would recommend purchasing a case with; two 5.25 inch external bays, one 3.5 inch external bay; and two 3.5 inch internal bays. This gives you a little extra expansion capacity.

* Side Panel

Get a case with a removable side panel. This gives you easy access torepparttar inside ofrepparttar 107863 case. Some cases come with a one piece inverted U shaped cover. Itís a real pain to wrestle this type of cover into place.

* Floppy disk slot

I prefer to avoid cases with a built-in floppy disk slot. With RW-CDís becoming more common,repparttar 107864 floppy disks days could be numbered. When they become obsolete you will be stuck with a funny slot onrepparttar 107865 front of your computer.

* Beige case

Avoid cases that are notrepparttar 107866 standard beige color. Offrepparttar 107867 shelf floppy drives and CD Drives only come in beige, and it looks nicer if they matchrepparttar 107868 case.

* Desk-top or tower case

I donít think you can find a desk-top style case today. If you do find one, considerrepparttar 107869 amount of desk arearepparttar 107870 case will cover. You will most likely have to place your monitor on top ofrepparttar 107871 case. If you have a heavy 19 inch CRT monitor, make surerepparttar 107872 case is constructed solidly enough to supportrepparttar 107873 monitor.

Although you canít save money, there are many other advantages to building your own computer. This article points out some important things to look for when selecting a case for your computer. ---------------------------------------------------------- Permission is granted forrepparttar 107874 above article to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website, offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made andrepparttar 107875 byline, copyright, andrepparttar 107876 resource box below is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107877 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to ----------------------------------------------------------


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