New Moon Reflections for Libra

Written by Ronni Lynn

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Relationships involve sharing. This means mutual trust, honesty, respect and appreciation. This can be a time when we try to correct or move on from relationships that have grown unsatisfying because they are too one sided. If everything in a relationship (especially a friendship or a romantic partner) is only going your partner's way, then there is no longer any room for growth for you! If this isrepparttar case you are actually not in a "relationship" any more. Without balance between two people there is no basis for any closeness.

This isn’t often verbalized, but when you love another person, you must also love yourself atrepparttar 122262 same time. Ideally there would exist a two-way flow of love and communication between you. It is a very unbalanced situation if you are emotionally involved with a person who does not return your feelings or who is unkind to you. Persisting in such situations is not loving torepparttar 122263 self, and so these sorts of “relationships” are very unhealthy. Inrepparttar 122264 spirit of Libra perhaps unhealthy and unbalanced meanrepparttar 122265 same thing. Libra also rules fairness and negotiations. We can learn how to deal tactfully with others in tricky situations. Win/lose is not Libra. Libra is strictly win-win. This is a great time for cooperative efforts. Instead of being threatened by a differing viewpoint we should strive to be willing to listen and to even validate those different from us. We don't have to agree but we may learn something from hearing a differing viewpoint and just allowing it to exist. If you have never tried stepping back and giving other people this kind of space, space to disagree with you, you may actually find taking this challenge a very rewarding experience. You may learn that just because other people do not agree with you doesn’t make you orrepparttar 122266 other individual “wrong”, just different! From this perspective relationships with others become much less threatening. Other people have a right to be different from us, and we also have a right to our own uniqueness! We are not forced to agree with others, just to validate them.

In terms ofrepparttar 122267 big picture, I see that differences among people can serve a vital function. If many issues in life only went one way there could be no justice or balance (a Libra theme). Allowing individual differences a place to exist and be heard servesrepparttar 122268 world by creating natural "checks and balances" within life. Hearing and considering different viewpoints helps society come up with objective and fair decisions. We can even see this inrepparttar 122269 physical body. Just as smooth and coordinated movements requirerepparttar 122270 interplay of opposing muscle groups to coordinate movement, so too, balance in life comes fromrepparttar 122271 give and take and corrective influence of opposing viewpoints. Although differences in opinions may seem like an imbalance to you personally, inrepparttar 122272 very large overall picture they create balance andrepparttar 122273 opportunity for compromise and harmony. When seen this way, there are no completely "wrong" or "right " approaches to most issues, and everybody's input and opinion is a valid one, even if you disagree with it

Libra's influence is also a great time to think of things artistic, harmonious and beautifying. You could set a goal to beautify your home, your environment at work, and even yourself. This is a time to listen to beautiful music, go to an art museum or cultivate these artistic abilities within yourself.

Libra is an intellectual sign as are allrepparttar 122274 air signs. Unlike its opposite sign, Aries, Libra's influence is never impulsive. This month it is our opportunity to thinks things through carefully before acting. Like it's symbol,repparttar 122275 scales, Libra enables us to weighrepparttar 122276 pros and cons of any problem or situation and come up with fair and balanced solutions.

I wish you all a month of balance and harmony.

The next new moon will be inrepparttar 122277 sign of Scorpio on November 12 at 9:28 am. eastern standard time.

Come visit me then at or a few days before for more New Moon Reflections.

Ronni Lynn has practiced astrology for over 30 years. She is interested in the psychological and spiritual effects that planetary influences have on us. She uses astrology as a tool to help others evolve and develop their "higher selves".

Ronni is also a graphic artist, creating designs that reflect astrological influences in the quest for beauty, harmony and balance. Her web site features her work.

Being Human, Being Spiritual

Written by John Cali

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You have chosen to experiencerepparttar excitement,repparttar 122261 joy,repparttar 122262 challenges of being physical for a while. It’s all supposed to be fun!

Your soul knew that when you incarnated–this time, and all ofrepparttar 122263 many other times you incarnated into a human body.

This human life of yours is a glorious adventure in remembering and exercising your divinity. In remembering and exercisingrepparttar 122264 great creative powers you all possess, asrepparttar 122265 glorious goddesses and gods you are, albeit in human form for now.

Which brings us to our point here for today.

You did not choose to be human so you could just lay around doing nothing for 50 or 100 years. You chose to be human so you could immerse yourselves inrepparttar 122266 challenges and contrasts of human life. And so you could have fun and find joy inrepparttar 122267 process.

Life on earth is a magnificent opportunity for you, as your souls see it, to flex your creative muscles, as it were.

And in doing so, you are adding your energies, your unique creative powers torepparttar 122268 expanding Universe. The Universe–and you–are always expanding and growing. Every thought you think, every action you take has a ripple effect. And you thereby touch all that is, even untorepparttar 122269 farthest reaches ofrepparttar 122270 Universe.

You are far from powerless. You are powerful far beyond your wildest imaginings and dreams.

And so every experience, every challenge you face in your human lives is a great opportunity for you to grow and remember who you truly are. Even those experiences your human mind considers tragic are opportunities for you grow and remember.

You are human and spiritual atrepparttar 122271 same time. Being fully human, in every moment of your earthly lives, enables you to be fully spiritual in every moment of your eternal lives.

The two–the human you andrepparttar 122272 spiritual you–are eternally one. To be fully human does not make you less spiritual. To be fully spiritual does not make you less human.

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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