New Meta Tag Driving Targeted Traffic to Websites

Written by Shelley Lowery

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This classification will displayrepparttar "Interactive" icon within repparttar 128365 search results.


The "Multimedia" classification will consist of sites that offer audio, video, animation, graphics or any other form of media that isn't text.

This classification will displayrepparttar 128366 "Multimedia" icon withinrepparttar 128367 search results.

Links to Information

The "Links to Information" classification will include web pages that provide a list of resources or links to other sites.

This classification will displayrepparttar 128368 "Links to Information" icon withinrepparttar 128369 search results.


The "Personal" classification will include web pages that are personal home pages for an individual person or family.

This classification will displayrepparttar 128370 "Personal" icon withinrepparttar 128371 search results.


The "Information" classification will include web pages that don't fit into any ofrepparttar 128372 other categories.

This classification will displayrepparttar 128373 "Information" icon within repparttar 128374 search results.

Althoughrepparttar 128375 only Search Engine currently utilizingrepparttar 128376 new Meta tag is, I have it on good authority thatrepparttar 128377 other Search Engines are preparing to recognize them as well.

For further information aboutrepparttar 128378 new Aesop Meta Tag, Visit repparttar 128379 official site. You can submit your site and generate your Meta Tags completely free.

The days of a "search" returning thousands of irrelevant results is coming to an end -- thanks torepparttar 128380 new Aesop Meta Tag. This new Meta Tag will dramatically changerepparttar 128381 way we searchrepparttar 128382 Internet. If you haven't already done so, it is very important that you prepare your pages now.

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"Google Enters 'Pay Per Click' Arena!"

Written by Merle

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You're in charge of how much to pay per click with $0.05 beingrepparttar minimum you can bid. Their "Ad Words Discounter" ensures you never pay more than is necessary. Ifrepparttar 128364 cost per click you picked is higher than what is needed for your ad to keep its place,repparttar 128365 CPC you're charged will be automatically lowered. You'll never pay more than one penny over what your competition pays. This is unlike Overture, where you constantly have to monitor and re-adjust your bidding.

Also unlike Overture, where you must bid a set amount on each keyword/phrase, with Ad Words Select you set a "maximum cost per click" which applies to all of your keywords. If you want to assign different amounts to them you'll have to set up a separate "ad group" and set a different maximum cost per click. There are no monthly minimums and you setrepparttar 128366 maximum daily amount you wish to spend.

The position of your ads onrepparttar 128367 search results page is based on two things;repparttar 128368 maximum CPC you bid and your ads' clickthru rate. Both of these factors together will earn you a higher position. Keywords will be disabled if their click rate falls below 0.05%, so you'll want to make sure your ad copy pulls.If some of your key phrases get deactivated, you can make changes to your ad copy and reactivate them again. There is another charge if this happens more than once. Reports on your ads' activities can be viewed online by logging into Google at anytime.

>From what I've seen Google's new Ad Words Select Program has a lot of potential and great features that should make Overture sit up and take notice. Betweenrepparttar 128369 "Ad Words Discounter" andrepparttar 128370 no minimum monthly to spend, I think Google may just become a major player inrepparttar 128371 pay per click field.

For more information or to open an account go to....(no pun intended)

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