New MSN Search May Be a Google Killer!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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A search for Domain Name Tutorial atrepparttar public beta of MSN search ranks it at #1 as does Google, but Google delivers a full 90% of all search engine referred traffic to that Tutorial.

I use a web traffic statistics service to monitor my web stats andrepparttar 127867 report I spendrepparttar 127868 most time pouring over a couple of times a week isrepparttar 127869 "Search Phrase" report, which shows what search phrase broughtrepparttar 127870 click-through to my site fromrepparttar 127871 search engines.

The current MSN search shows visitors in ones and twos for several of my top ranking search phrases, while Google sends hundreds per day on several of those searches. If MSN maderepparttar 127872 beta search site official, would we see any higher traffic numbers from them? That question has got dozens of webmasters speculating inrepparttar 127873 forums about what they can expect from MSN when they go live with their new technology inrepparttar 127874 near future.

I'll be very happy if my test results do reflect where MSN is headed, since it's hard to beat number one for those search phrases I tested today! This test leads me to believe that MSN is emphasizing directory and filenames that include key- words and are weighing inbound links pretty heavily. Page structure, title tags and text links also appear to be weighted substantially in their new algorithm.

Yahoo currently shows two "Sponsor Results" offset in blue, atrepparttar 127875 top ofrepparttar 127876 SERP's when you've done a search for anything that has PPC bids at Overture, as does Google with Adwords ads. (Yahoo adds three more at bottom ofrepparttar 127877 page and Google none). MSN shows three PPC ads labled "Sponsored Sites" offset in a very pale green atrepparttar 127878 top ofrepparttar 127879 SERP's and one atrepparttar 127880 bottom ofrepparttar 127881 page following organic search results. Will MSN continue showing more ads than everyone else and, consequently lower organic search click-throughs?

All I can do at this point is to cheer MSN on and hope they continue on their current path as demonstrated atrepparttar 127882 beta site. It will make everyone (webmasters relying on organic search) happier if MSN starts sending more search traffic to their sites, rather than torepparttar 127883 "Sponsored Sites." Conversely, Overture advertisers may start wondering where their PPC traffic has gone. Maybe then those heavy PPC players will start to seerepparttar 127884 value in organic SEO, you never know.

Maybe MSN is toying with their very own PPC program . . .

Mike Banks Valentine practices Search Engine Optimism at: and operates a search engine blog where you can read this article with active links to web resources

SEO - Yes or No?

Written by Jer Strausser

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On torepparttar next step;

Since you haverepparttar 127866 google toolbar, just right click onrepparttar 127867 mouse, and scroll down to "backward links", and click on it. This is another neat feature ofrepparttar 127868 Google Toolbar. It tells you how many other sites, or pages that link torepparttar 127869 page or site in question. Very powerful tool. The site in question... ZERO! Imagine that :)

Even tho this is usually enough to deter me, there is one more simple test, that really takesrepparttar 127870 cake. Just do a search at Google forrepparttar 127871 term "SEO" and "search engine optimisation". Is this site listed inrepparttar 127872 top 10? The top 20?repparttar 127873 top 100?

In our case, yep you guessed it... A BIG FAT NO!

Ok, so here is a site, selling SEO work, and offereng link packages to thousands of other sites, for hundreds of dollars, claiming to give YOU top search engine rankings when..

1. They have no links to their own site 2. They themselves, don't even have top search engine listings!

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of successful SEO companies out there. It is a very competitive field, but if you are looking to pay someone to do this kind of work, you need to be informed.

Do some research, and ask some questions;

1.Do they themselves, carry top positions inrepparttar 127874 field they represent?

2.Do they have any real references? (It is not hard to get a top placement for keywords like "top used car salesman ofrepparttar 127875 year award", but it IS hard to get a top listing for something like "used cars") if they have helped sites get great listings for top keywords, then they know what they are doing.

3. Do they offer a guarantee or some other sort of compensation if they can't deliver?

These are just a few things that should be considered when hiring out for SEO work, and always ask for advice, if you don't know what you are doing. Your actions can make or break your website, and your business!

Jer Strausser is the owner of the highly popular work at home community at Visit them for tips, news, and articles for your home business success.

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