New Habits, Growing Economy Help To Sell Giftware And Collectibles

Written by Opal Gilbert

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Offering exclusive or hard-to-find items is another way to stand out inrepparttar collectibles and giftware world. We are constantly looking for such items for our retail and wholesale customers so we can differentiate ourselves from our competition. We offer an exclusive line of inspirational items called, “Divine Inspiration,” which is growing and has become popular with collectors. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that collectibles encompass a mind-boggling number of items, sincerepparttar 116830 term refers to anything that people might collect. Often, specializing in a certain type of item can be profitable if there is a large enough demand and there are few sources forrepparttar 116831 item.

Even with all ofrepparttar 116832 technological tools at their disposal today, collectors still have trouble finding an item that they desire. Some collectors may not be Internet-savvy, or may not be familiar with sources in their areas. The more adept that home-based sellers of collectibles and giftware become at finding specific items for customers,repparttar 116833 more they will be relied on as a resource, andrepparttar 116834 more customer loyalty they will develop.

Even if an entrepreneur does provide all of this added value torepparttar 116835 customer, prices should be kept low. Customer loyalty can quickly turn if they realize thatrepparttar 116836 items of a certain seller are obviously overpriced. The profit margin for collectibles and giftware is generally high, so prices can be kept low whilerepparttar 116837 profit margin can remain relatively high forrepparttar 116838 seller. Keeping prices low will helprepparttar 116839 collectibles and giftware seller attract many more customers.

One ofrepparttar 116840 best aspects of selling collectibles and giftware is that it is a year-round business, unlikerepparttar 116841 huge seasonal highs and lows seen in other retail areas. Atrepparttar 116842 same time,repparttar 116843 Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day shopping seasons always bring a big boost torepparttar 116844 collectibles and giftware business.

Selling collectibles and giftware can be a rewarding home-based business in whichrepparttar 116845 entrepreneurs are truly their own bosses. Because ofrepparttar 116846 changing habits of collectors andrepparttar 116847 impending economic upturn, selling collectibles and giftware is perhaps one ofrepparttar 116848 brightest opportunities inrepparttar 116849 world of home-based businesses today.

Opal R. Gilbert isrepparttar 116850 President of O.R. Gilbert Enterprises. She operates Global Specialty Gifts, which is her own online and catalog retail and wholesale business, specializing in gift items and collectibles. Global Specialty Gifts may be found online at Sub-wholesalers may purchase items there at below-wholesale prices. For more information, contact Opal R. Gilbert directly at (212) 685-1729, toll free at (888) 241-3267 or by fax at (212) 686-1742. Email:

Opal Gilbert is the author of "New Habits, Growing Economy Help To Sell Giftware And Collectibles". She is the President Of O.R. Gilbert Enterprises. She operates Global Specialty Gifts, an online catalog and wholesale business specializing in gift items and collecibles. Visit the website at: Email To:

The Ho-Hum Summer Days

Written by Esther Smith

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Further, you might contemplate finally owning your own… what? Product? Ezine? Website? Article? If you have put this off for a time when you should give total concentration, now is that time. It doesn’t mean you have to write an eBook --- truthfully, I have never written one. But I DO have complete resale rights to several and get 100% ofrepparttar profits, and you should be doingrepparttar 116829 same.

Look forrepparttar 116830 eBooks with resell rights and read them. If you find a jaw-dropper, add it to your collection of eBooks with 100% profits going to you. Userepparttar 116831 Summer blahs to build your Library, and make an effort to end those “work-for-me” programs.

I like to quote Marlon Sanders when he says… “Sometimesrepparttar 116832 most expensive thing you ever do is nothing. It’s called opportunity cost. The price of ignorance is missing out on opportunities”.

Next look at reassessing your programs: which ones are paying, which ones are not? Three good, solid programs are aboutrepparttar 116833 limit for concentrated focus that offers value for your investment dollar.

Revising your website: have you over-donerepparttar 116834 bells and whistles? Would a new “opener” refresh your front page? More color? Less color? Hey, this is a great time to study other websites and incorporate what you find, and like, into your own.

Before you know it, Fall will arrive with gusto, and so willrepparttar 116835 new Internet entrepreneurs; eager and open to your ideas.

Stay inspired.

C: 2004, by Esther Smith -----------------------------------------------------

Esther Smith is editor of Partners-For-Profit Newsletter and copywriter for The Permanent Venture. Each publication of PFP Newsletter addresses an important aspect of your profit streams. A Library of 300 digital ebooks with 100% resale rights is a "must have".

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