New Evidence Shows The Lasting Effects of Pesticide Exposure

Written by Dave Saunders

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Some ofrepparttar insecticides used byrepparttar 136303 licensed farmers overrepparttar 136304 past 25 years are no longer available commercially. DDT, a well known example of an organochlorine, has been banned for use inrepparttar 136305 US since 1972. Organophosphates, such as malathion, chlorypyrifos, and diazinon, have been banned or restricted for home and garden use inrepparttar 136306 US. However, some ofrepparttar 136307 pesticides examined, including carbaryl and some pyrethroids, are available to home gardeners, although in different formulations and in lower concentrations, which may make them less hazardous.

"Becauserepparttar 136308 participants in this study are telling us they have never been previously diagnosed with pesticide poisoning or medically treated for any exposure to any pesticide, we are led to conclude that their symptoms are related to moderate lifetime exposure," said Dr. Kamel.

Organophosphate insecticides, such as diazinon, disulfoton, azinphos-methyl, and fonofos, are used widely in agriculture and aroundrepparttar 136309 house. With over 25,000 brands of pesticides available inrepparttar 136310 United States,repparttar 136311 use of organophosphates is probably more common than most people suspect. Many toxic nerve agents, used in milary applications are also also organophosphates.

Organochlorines are named as organic molecules bound with chlorine atoms. These include PCBs and DDT. Some organochlorines are also known as xenoestrogens because of their ability to mimic estrogen inrepparttar 136312 body. These compounds have been theorized to be atrepparttar 136313 root of a variety of estrogen-dominate illnesses in woman, like endometriosis and in wide spread genetic defects in wildlife likerepparttar 136314 three-legged frogs reported in Florida.

While this report does focus on farmers whose "moderate exposure" is likely higher than most people inrepparttar 136315 home, this report should serve as a caution to indiscriminate use of such products inrepparttar 136316 house and especially inrepparttar 136317 presence of children and those with weakened immune systems. Many of these compounds were initially popular because of their hardiness inrepparttar 136318 environment, meaningrepparttar 136319 compounds last longer to provide more killing effectiveness. This may be a good feature forrepparttar 136320 economics of agriculture and warfare, but at what consequence?

Dave Saunders is a certified nutritional educator, wellness coach, member of the American International Association of Nutritional Education (AIANE) and author. He is also the host of a weekly, nation-wide telephone lecture on health and nutrition. For additional information, please visit his site on nutrition and glyconutrients at or or email Dave at

Earth Friendly Products

Written by Aaron Pratt

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The lake is clean andrepparttar air smells fresh because this entire community adoptedrepparttar 136264 many earth friendly products that aid in environmental renewal. The people here didnít do it because of government intervention either; these people embraced new environmental technologies because they are cool! Instead of competing withrepparttar 136265 neighbors by purchasing large SUVs these consumers are buying popular efficient cars that run onrepparttar 136266 many new alternative fuels available.

Can you imagine a world like this where consumers buy earth friendly products because they are popular? Who says things like solar panels, rainwater harvesting, sustainable development, offrepparttar 136267 grid living and other earth friendly products and technologies are not cool?

Aaron Pratt is an inventor, craftsman and blogger. You can read more of his personal, down to earth writings on Aaron's Home and Garden (A Home and Garden Blog)

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