New Cars - New Technology

Written by Rudy Hiebert

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2) Keyless entry has already been implemented on certain Cadillac, Infinity and BMW models and will be introduced to approximately 40 different vehicles inrepparttar next three years. Credit card style systems will replace car keys.

3) Navigation systems such as computer-like screens onrepparttar 133532 dash, displaying navigation systems that employ global positioning satellite and onboard DVD’s to providerepparttar 133533 driver with distractions, maps, and information on businesses such as hotels, hospitals and restaurants. The video screens will also haverepparttar 133534 capability to connect to PDA’s and cellular phones.

4) Wi-Fi hook-ups in almost every vehicle will provide weather, news, and other information. “We’re going to see hot spots in places like gas stations and restaurants,” says Peter Wengert, marketing manager for automotive products at Microsoft.

5) Data collection will give vehiclesrepparttar 133535 capability to collect pertinent data that can be shared with dealers, manufacturers, and other vehicles helping service personnel perform remote diagnostics and help troubleshoot for a broken down motorist.

6) Onboard cameras will help detect blind spots, while helping parents watch their kids. Many recreational vehicles already have this technology atrepparttar 133536 rear and in front to “see” around corners.

7) 40 Volt Electrical Systems will become standard to accommodaterepparttar 133537 many new electric devices.

8) Voice commands are already in certain BMW’s, Jaguar and Lexus models and will become common and necessary in order to operaterepparttar 133538 various functions in cars.

9) Electronic pedals already in use in Mercedes, Chevy Corvette and all recent Audi vehicles, brake-by-wire and accelerate by wire pedals send an electronic signal rather than activating a physical connection torepparttar 133539 engine and brakes. Emergency brake handles will also be replaced by electronic controls.

10) Programmable vehicles will let you use electronics to express your choice of vehicle you wish to drive, says Stanford professor of mechanical engineering Chris Gerdes. “You can have it be as sporty or luxurious, as you choose.” Drivers ofrepparttar 133540 new Audi A8, for example can changerepparttar 133541 car’s ride by raising and lowering road clearance.

Submitted by: Amsoil Inc. Dealer Rudy Hiebert

Content Source: Amsoil Inc’s Direct Line, November 15, 2003 by permission.

Rudy Hiebert has been a Dealer with Amsoil Inc. for more than fourteen years. After application of the Internet to his marketing strategy, business activity has paralled the ballooning revenue of the corporation, which has been double digets. People are using and selling Amsoil 's synthetic lubricants all over North America with the help of Abbotford's Amsoil Dealer, Rudy Hiebert. His web site is where more Amsoil information can be accessed.

How to Humanize the Sales Experience

Written by Amy Fox

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Q. What are some other key ways I can improverepparttar sales experience for my clients? A. You need to humanizerepparttar 133531 sales experience. Once you learn to communicate in ways that relate to and reach they client, you regain your most distinguishing feature – yourself. Shorten your presentations by focusing onrepparttar 133532 capabilities and solutions you can provide inrepparttar 133533 client’s unique business environment. Learn to listen closely, catch key phrases, and hone in on their needs, not your own sales agenda. Incorporate business terms that are meaningful torepparttar 133534 client in your dialogue.

Q. Do you thinkrepparttar 133535 first meeting with a prospective client should be a fact-finding interview? A. That is one way of thinking about it. Keep in mind clients don’t consider your products and services just forrepparttar 133536 heck of it. They either have a problem they need to fix or a result that must be achieved. The salesperson’s job is to use questions to uncover their business challenges and concerns. The goal inrepparttar 133537 first meeting is to setrepparttar 133538 foundation to build a relationship.

Q. When I’m presenting my high tech solution, how do I position it to come across persuasively so thatrepparttar 133539 customer wants to purchase it? A. Don’t simply explain what your product does and how it works. Presentrepparttar 133540 value it brings to their business. For example, most salespeople would sell a high-speed internet connection that claims to be x times faster, rather than selling a solution that allowsrepparttar 133541 client to process orders at a higher rate resulting in increased revenues. Demonstraterepparttar 133542 benefits by linking back to how it will solve problems and achieve results.

Amy Fox has designed and delivered sales training for Fortune 500 telecommunications and technology firms for companies such as Global Crossing Telecommunications, Cincinnati Bell, and Trivantis. Ms. Fox has taught M.B. A. courses at Xavier University on creating a coaching culture. Amy Fox founded Accelerated Business Results in 2003.

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