Never Limit Your Future

Written by Elisha Burke

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If you are reading this article you already have a history of achievement. If you don't believe me, think aboutrepparttar many thousands of Americans that are functionally illiterate (not able to read and understandrepparttar 150190 average newspaper article).

Since you are able to read this, you are able to achieve many other things in your life. You are likely reading this because you have an interest in starting or maintaining a profitable online business. I may be slow-going, but do not give up too soon. Often, we give up when onrepparttar 150191 verge of success because we cannot see what is ahead.

Have enough faith in yourself and what you are doing to prepare as best you can for success. Learn from others by reading about how they became successful. Followrepparttar 150192 paths of successful people. If possible, find a mentor.

I also suggest you subscribe to a few good E-zines to help you sort through and findrepparttar 150193 best resources to help you.

Dr. J. E. Burke, a college instructor, has been involved in various business enterprises via his business, Burke Publications for 11 years. Dr. Burke is an educator, writer and motivational speaker on a variety of topics. He is also well-known for his expertise on nonprofit organizations and grant proposal writing. Copyright 2005 Burke Publications All Rights Reserved

What you sow you reap!

Written by Carl Cholette

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Evenrepparttar man who would increase his material wealth must be willing to part with (invest) what little capital he has, and then wait forrepparttar 150052 increase. So long as he retains his hold on his precious money, he will not only remain poor, but will be growing poorer everyday. He will, after all, loserepparttar 150053 thing he loves, and will lose it without increase. But if he wisely lets it go; if, likerepparttar 150054 farmer, he scatters his seeds of gold, then he can faithfully wait for, and reasonably expect,repparttar 150055 increase.

Men are asking God to give them peace and purity, and righteousness and blessedness, but are not obtaining these things; and why not? Because they are not practising them, not sowing them. I once heard a preacher pray very earnestly for forgiveness, and shortly afterwards, inrepparttar 150056 course of his sermon, he called upon his congregation to "show no mercy torepparttar 150057 enemies ofrepparttar 150058 church." Such self-delusion is pitiful, and men have yet to learn thatrepparttar 150059 way to obtain peace and blessedness is to scatter peaceful and blessed thoughts, words, and deeds.

Men believe that they can sowrepparttar 150060 seeds of strife, impurity, and unbrotherliness, and then gather in a rich harvest of peace, purity and concord by merely asking for it. What more pathetic sight than to see an irritable and quarrelsome man praying for peace. Men reap that which they sow, and any man can reap all blessedness now and at once, if he will put aside selfishness, and sow broadcastrepparttar 150061 seeds of kindness, gentleness, and love.

If a man is troubled, perplexed, sorrowful, or unhappy, let him ask:

"What mental seeds have I been sowing?" "What seeds am I sowing?" "What have I done for others?" "What is my attitude towards others?" "What seeds of trouble and sorrow and unhappiness have I sown that I should thus reap these bitter weeds?"

Let him seek within and find, and having found, let him abandon allrepparttar 150062 seeds of self, and sow, henceforth, onlyrepparttar 150063 seeds of Truth.

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