Never Get Lost Again - Map Reading is a Thing of the Past

Written by Niall Kennedy

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You get yard by yard voice instructions (so you don't have to look atrepparttar screen as you drive) and it corrects directions immediately if you take a wrong turning, and there's a handy "Repeat" button to get an instant repeat if you didn't hear an instruction.

If you need a visual representation of where you are, there is a useful "3-d" view, down to lamp-posts and garbage cans. The screen is easy to read, with views designed for use in both light and dark conditions.

The helpful voice will even give you a countdown of yards before you reach your destination, even if that destination is a remote dirt-track.

I can guarantee thatrepparttar 102739 RoadMate has saved me countless hours and frustration from reading maps and getting lost.

When I'm returning home, I choose my address from those stored inrepparttar 102740 memory, and off I go. If I've noticed any roads I want to avoid onrepparttar 102741 way, traffic jams for instance, I can specify avoiding them, andrepparttar 102742 RoadMate has new directions for me right away.

All in all, it's a tool I wouldn't want to be without. reviews and rates electronic navigation devices for automobile and truck drivers.

Save Thousands on Any New Car by Using the Internet

Written by Jeremy Brubaker

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After researching available rebates, findrepparttar difference betweenrepparttar 102738 retail and invoice price. Unless you are trying to buy a limited production vehicle, you can usually negotiate a price of a few thousand dollars belowrepparttar 102739 window sticker. The invoice price will give you an idea of how muchrepparttar 102740 dealer paid forrepparttar 102741 car. I usually push for a price that is a couple hundred dollars over invoice, because I knowrepparttar 102742 dealer will have expenses to cover. The difference between retail and invoice prices can be near $5000. You may have to visit a few different dealerships, but it is worth it. Information on invoice prices can be found atrepparttar 102743 following web sites.

Now that you know how much to pay for your new vehicle, it is time to address financing. Most buyers need to obtain a loan and if you are not careful,repparttar 102744 dealer will squeeze a few thousand dollars out of you here as well. With good credit,repparttar 102745 best deal can probably be found at your local bank. Stop in and talk to a loan officer before you go torepparttar 102746 car dealer. If you leave it up torepparttar 102747 dealership, they will try to push you intorepparttar 102748 loan that works out best for them. That usually means a higher interest rate and payment forrepparttar 102749 consumer. If you have less than perfect credit and a current auto loan in good standing call them first and ask to get pre-approved for a new car. By usingrepparttar 102750 internet, you can find banks that are a little more forgiving than your average local bank. Here are a few that I found during a recent search.

It's easy to fightrepparttar 102751 price and win when you know where to look. Good luck and enjoy your new car!

Jeremy Brubaker is a writer for, a website dedicated to helping consumers save money.

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