Never, Ever Release Any Of Your Rights To Anyone

Written by Bob McElwain

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The bottom line? You have just lost a shot atrepparttar big time. You get to start over with a new book. And you'll probably have to hunt up another agent as well.

Why Risk it?

Don't sell or release any of your rights to any of your work until absolutely convinced it is not salable to a major print publisher. Then, and only then, should you consider taking it torepparttar 129315 Web and seeing what you can make happen.

A Case In Point

I finished "They Who Betray" (available on this site) in late 1991. I gave up trying to sell it in 1994. Even earlier, it was obvious major houses were no longer interested in this kind of tale. The manuscript has been dozing on various computer disks ever since.

While I'd love to have sold it to Pocket Book, I wasn't able to. So off torepparttar 129316 Web I have gone. I'm excited aboutrepparttar 129317 possibilities. While fame and glory is unlikely to be obtained, lots of people will find they likerepparttar 129318 tale. And that will be a win for me, any way you look at it.

But I would never have made this move had I believed there was even a chance of selling it to a major house. If you're serious about your writing career, you'll followrepparttar 129319 same path. Head forrepparttar 129320 Web asrepparttar 129321 last resort, never asrepparttar 129322 starting point.

One Exception

All who climb a mountain do not hunger to become a noted mountaineer. And all who write a book, do not yearn to be an established author. So if you wrote a book forrepparttar 129323 fun of it, and now want to share it with family and friends, jump right intorepparttar 129324 Web bit.

Check out services available or self-publish on your own. Either way, go for it.

Play By The Rules

But if you're serious about writing and dream of becoming an established author, takerepparttar 129325 conservative, conventional route. This gives yourepparttar 129326 greatest opportunity for success.

Yes, I know. The competition is fierce. But there's a bit of this onrepparttar 129327 Web as well. The last numbers I saw suggest there are over 100,000 titles available onrepparttar 129328 Internet.

To sell effectively through any website, you'll need a heck of a book. Then you'll have to somehow find your way beyond all those "Buy-Me!" pleas associated with each and every one of those 100,000+ titles.

Can it be done? Sure. But it's not easy. Certainly it's not easier than gainingrepparttar 129329 confidence of an agent who can sell your work to a major publishing house. ________________________

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Stop Your Readers In Their Tracks!

Written by Livvie Matthews

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Power Words would include: Dynamics, Money, Sure-fire, Innovative, Specialized, Bonanza, New, Breakthrough, Soar, Affordable, Effective, Savvy, Crucial, Rewards, Harness, Unleash andrepparttar most powerful word of all....Free. These words make it difficult for your reader to just pass by.

One, two and three word headlines arerepparttar 129313 most powerful. Smile! Got Milk? Just Do It! These are examples of one, two and three word headlines that have been powerful attention getters plus, made a dollar or two.

People do not read ads for amusement or to be entertained. They read ads because they have an interest. Their "hot buttons" have been pressed.

If you are writing advertisements, this isrepparttar 129314 one time you are not trying to build a relationship with your reader. You are selling a product, service or information and if your ad doesn't get their attention, you won't make a sale, it's that simple!

I spend more time on creatingrepparttar 129315 headlines for my articles than I dorepparttar 129316 articles themselves. Because withoutrepparttar 129317 right headline, viewers probably are not going to readrepparttar 129318 information contained inrepparttar 129319 article.

Don't misunderstand here, your content must be of quality and of interest torepparttar 129320 reader, but if your don't pique your readers interest inrepparttar 129321 headline, you most likely will have lost your reader.

Readers will decide at a glance -- by your headline or your opening statement--if your information interests them. Addressrepparttar 129322 people you seek and them only by..... Stopping Them In Their Tracks!

Livvie Matthews, Internet business specialist, author and consultant, helps people interested in creating information products, niche marketing and building relationships while building their business! Market Your Goldmine! List of other articles of interest Subscribe:

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