Networking for Beginners

Written by William /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

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Be Personal....PLEASE!

This is what networking is all about and your contact with your network should be as personal as possible.

For those of us onrepparttar Internet juggling large mailing lists it is often hard to be personal with what you would call your network. To start with you should use a personalized email program ( to call your contacts (or subscribers) by name. This is better than "Dear Sir/Madam or To Whom it Concerns".

For good network contacts such as your qualified prospects you might want to consider a phone call. A follow up letter never hurts. That always gives you a chance to include a brochure and/or announcements.

Just what isrepparttar 125116 Biggest Secret to Networking?

You want to knowrepparttar 125117 biggest secret to Networking andrepparttar 125118 hardest part as well? Doing it! Do yourself a favor, set goals for yourself. Say to yourself, I will contact this many people this month. Keep at it until you reach your goal. The hardest part of networking just getting out there and doing it.

One Last Tip...

Being onrepparttar 125119 Internet and using email this is no easy task for cold calls either. With such words as Bulk Mail, Flaming and Spam you need to step (or "key") softly.

My suggestion to writing "cold calls" is rather than send them any advertising, take some time, use their name (includingrepparttar 125120 subject heading), and invite them to visit your site for a free offer or to use a free service. Don't try to sell then anything and remember to eliminate any signature file lines you may have attached.

As with any unsolicited email always comes a risk and a warning. No matter how clean (of advertising) it is it can still be considered spam, but goodness knows then just about any email today could be.

Align your messages with your targets. Don't send your message out to just anyone, and never, ever send advertising. Make your invite and leave it at that. If they visit you and like your services they'll let you know. In my judgment, anything else is far aboverepparttar 125121 risk it is worth.

This can be a "nifty networking tool" if used responsibly, moderately and properly. Be sincere, be personable and don't sell!

William "Wild Bill" Montgomery President,


Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

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The Internet isn't designed for a one-man team. Instead,repparttar Internet thrives onrepparttar 125115 principles of cooperation and information sharing. Partnerships, joint ventures and mutual cooperation arerepparttar 125116 ideal models forrepparttar 125117 online environment.

And in order to develop successful partnership undertakings onrepparttar 125118 Internet, someone needs to take that first step. Thus, I know that online, my shyness won't get me far. It won't bring me my desired results. I won't achieve them unless I get rid of some of my shyness and muster enough courage to approach people and ask for their help. And it begins with a simple and direct e-mail introduction.

And really, that's all there is to it. I approach people, ask them politely and see if they're receptive and willing to work with me side by side. If they give me a no answer -- well, it's a good thing they didn't have to give it straight to my face!

But seriously, approaching someone onrepparttar 125119 Internet with sincerity and honesty isrepparttar 125120 only way to be successful online. No, it isn'trepparttar 125121 best way. It'srepparttar 125122 *only* way. Show anything short of that, and true success is going to be elusive.

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