Network Marketing is a Profession

Written by Rita Rinttila

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Thirdly, network marketing is a sales profession. If someone tells you that you donít have to sell anything when you join a network-marketing program, it is simply not true. You might not need to sell a product or service, but you need to sell an idea torepparttar other person to get him or her involved. It is a form of selling and you need to get good at it before you can really succeed in network marketing. You need to know how to create a compelling message to inviterepparttar 122481 prospects to take a look at your information, you need to be able to answerrepparttar 122482 questions and concerns, and most importantly, you need to knowrepparttar 122483 correct way to ask forrepparttar 122484 final decision i.e. close. Sales skills also comprises of being a good listener andrepparttar 122485 ability to build relationships.

If you master these three areas: correct mindset, methodology to generate prospects, sales skills, you are a network marketing professional.

Rita Rinttila is vice president of marketing, Mentors on a Mission. Mentors on a Mission is a global training and mentoring company that is helping network marketers maximize their potential by providing results oriented mentoring, practical training, easy to apply methodology, and an earn as you learn opportunity., tel: 954-907 7772

MLM Success Requires Leadership and Professionalism

Written by Linda J Bruton

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It's no accident that some ofrepparttar most successful network marketers were first managers or professionals in other fields. They already haverepparttar 122480 background knowledge of how successful businesses are run. They already know how to be leaders, and they bring this with them.

Most of these people also understandrepparttar 122481 kind of ongoing investment required to make a business work. They joined this industry because they wanted to keeprepparttar 122482 profits they produced, rather than giving them back to their boss or corporation. These arerepparttar 122483 very people who can makerepparttar 122484 most difference in your downline,repparttar 122485 kind of prospects who can cause a literal recruiting explosion and make you a lot of money! If you want to attract this kind of prospect, you must first be a professional yourself, not someone playing a money game!

These people know how to askrepparttar 122486 right questions when evaluating a business opportunity, and they will expect a lot out of you as a business partner. If you can deliver, you will profit greatly.

I challenge you right now to start thinking of yourself asrepparttar 122487 leader you aspire to be. You are a professional in a wonderful industry with a lot to offer, particularly in this era of layoffs and downsizing.

You have financial freedom, security, and a more "people friendly" lifestyle to offer. You provide a life-enhancing service that is needed by a lot of people, just as surely as a doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer, or computer programmer offers a needed service.

And unlike these other professionals, your service can truly changerepparttar 122488 lives of those you work with in some very profound and lasting ways! Be proud of what you do and what you have to offer!

The network marketing industry is in great need of professionals who operate their businesses with integrity. The "money gamers,"repparttar 122489 scam artists, and those who go throughrepparttar 122490 revolving door give us all a bad name and make our work harder.

By becomingrepparttar 122491 leader you were meant to be, you will not only make a lot more money. But you'll also be doing your part to preserverepparttar 122492 industry that can earn you a terrific living!

Linda Bruton has been a full-time network marketer for over 15 years. Be sure to visit her MLM Millionaire website for weekly tips, tricks, secrets and resources for building a full-time MLM business online:

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